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New novel 'Lost and Found at 35'. IANS

Interweaving light pick-me-ups throughout the story, author Ankit Jhamb in his new novel ‘Lost and Found at 35’, makes a strong case for positive psychology application in real life — via the tale of a 35-year-old man who turns his life around after a failed suicide attempt and self-discovery through interactions with six strangers, including a 100-year-old man, a little girl aged four, a war widow and a monk.

“A very large part of our ability to deal with depression, stress, anxiety depends upon being able to create a passionate lifestyle with purpose and discipline,” Jhamb tells IANS.

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He adds: “Hence, the book is dedicated to the cause of spreading the word on positive psychology. It talks about how if people find their passion, pursue it with discipline they insure their life from mental illness and various afflictions. I wanted to share the lessons, practice insights, and tips to create your own daily routine and life in a way that increases the happiness index and the quality of one’s life.”

The 4 Ps — ‘Passion, Pursue, Process and Purpose’ makes for the book’s fundamentals. “A life is built on these 4 Ps guarantees the resilience to fight stress, traumas, and tragedies,” says Jhamb. ‘Lost and Found at 35’ touches upon self-discovery through meaningful interactions and gradual turning around one’s life. Often, immersion in someone else’s story can reveal pearls of wisdom that one can apply in their own life.

Author Ankit Jhamb. IANS

What positive psychology lessons or pick-me-ups can readers hope to find in the book?

“Just having passion is not sufficient — you have to pursue it with discipline and then learn the art and craft of whatever your passion is. The ability to forgive shall lead to a lighter life and a more creative life. Enhance your life and your personality by building up a routine which is based on your strengths rather than weakness. A large part of our physiological and pathological issues are actually emotional problems manifesting through our bodies,” are some of the nuggets shared by Jhamb.

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Finally, who should pick up the book? “Anyone!” exclaims the author.

“If you have some burning questions in life regarding your purpose, your passion, happiness, fulfillment, or just living a more peaceful, graceful life, go read the book.}+| However, people who continuously feel they are in the wrong job, struggle to answer the question “What are my passions” or find it tough to derive a sense of happiness from their work — they should definitely read the book,” he concludes. (IANS/SP)



MediaTek's plans to boost technology democratisation and enable access to disruptive connectivity

Chip manufacturer MediaTek on Monday announced that it is focused on making 2022 a year aimed at rapid growth, business success, substantial expansion in Research and Development capabilities.

MediaTek's plans to boost technology democratisation and enable access to disruptive connectivity with its range of mainstream to flagship 5G chips.

"We at MediaTek are focused on making 2022 a year aimed at rapid growth, business success, and substantial expansion in our R&D capabilities. For 2022, we are focused on further strengthening our presence in India, offering incredible experiences to customers, and supporting the country's technology initiatives with our expertise and collaboration with leading OEMs," Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India said in a statement.

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In the flagship segment, MediaTek recently announced the Dimensity 9000 chip, which is a milestone of innovation and a rise to the incredible, built-to-power flagship 5G smartphones in the world, the company claims.

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 features a single Cortex-X2 performance core clocked at 3.05GHz, three Cortex-A710 cores at 2.85GHz and four Cortex-A510 efficiency cores at 1.8GHz.

It packs a 10-core Arm Mali-G710 that takes care of graphics processing, the report said.

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If the US loses Chinese companies, Wall Street will gradually alienate itself from the world's most prosperous market and the US will no longer be the true global financial centre, Chinese state media claimed.

Didi Chuxing, the Chinese ride-hailing giant, announced on Friday that the company is starting the work of delisting from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and initiating preparations for listing in Hong Kong.

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With this Sommet Education now own a 51 per cent stake in the ISH, a significant addition to the former's expansive global network. The strategic partnership allows Sommet Education to establish two of its prestigious institutions in India: Ecole Ducasse, a worldwide education reference in culinary and pastry arts, and Les Roches, one of the world's leading hospitality business schools. With this academic alliance, Ecole Ducasse will now have its first campus in India at ISH, and Les Roches will launch its undergraduate and postgraduate hospitality management programmes in the country.

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