About NewsGram

In the age of commercial and corporate-controlled Media, NewsGram is the beginning of a public-supported, digital-first media organization.

NewsGram is a US-based nonprofit committed to bring objective and non-partisan news reporting to our readers. It is approved by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax exempt entity, i.e., 501 (c) (3) entity.

Editor in Chief: Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada, Chicago Here are some of the documents for your general interest:

Certificate of Good Standing of NewsGram
Tax exempt status accorded by IRS
Bylaws of NewsGram
Mission Statement

NewsGram is a nonprofit independent media organization that facilitates discourse on public policy, politics, government, culture and history.

General FAQ

What is NewsGram?
NewsGram is an international online News portal operated from Chicago, USA.

What kind of content do you publish?
News and Views on a variety of topics with an international perspective.

What do you mean by Public-funded Media house?
NewsGram is not a commercial media house. We are a non-profit media organization that is funded by donations from public (individual donors and well-wishers) and institutional grants and sponsorship.

This helps us focus on issues that matter to the society, nation and the world. Since public is our stakeholder, we are accountable to the public. By staying nonprofit, our main aim is to amplify the national conversation by taking up the issues that concern our citizens, and communities around the country and the world.

NewsGram by virtue of it being a public funded entity does not profit a single individual or sets of individuals, but the society at large. At the same time, NewsGram is highly competitive and professional in all its operations – news reporting, content generation and delivery. We hire the best of the talent in the market.

What is your business model?
NewsGram is a registered nonprofit in the USA. It has been recognized by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a tax-exempt organization, i.e., 501 (c) (3) entity.

Why should I fund or donate to NewsGram? After all, every media organization claims to be independent and objective!
NewsGram’s core philosophy is to produce quality journalism. Rather than producing content that ‘sells’, our focus is to educate the public through meaningful news reporting and story-telling. NewsGram as a media organization is committed to taking up the issues in public interest. Through in-depth analysis, opinions, and information, NewsGram strives to carve a niche in the media space as a truly public–spirited entity owned by the public and for the public. We draw our inspiration from the public and depend heavily on you to sustain ourselves.

Do you accept commercials or advertisements?
We accept sponsorship by individuals, groups, and businesses. To contact our marketing team, please drop an email at marketing@newsgram.com

If I donate money to NewsGram, will I have any control on the type of content that NewsGram will publish?
NewsGram heavily depends up on support from donors and patrons like you . However, the news and story selection is done by a professional team of editors.

How can I get involved with NewsGram?
NewsGram operates from Chicago. Your support is crucial to take NewsGram to the next level. There are several ways to contribute to NewsGram.

Donate money:

NewsGram is a public-funded media. This helps us maintain neutrality and objectivity. Please make your pledge today. NewsGram is an IRS-approved tax exempt 501 (c) (3) entity.

For information on how to donate, please visit Donate to NewsGram page

Volunteering as a writer, photo or video-journalist:

Volunteer your skills as a writer, photo or video-journalist (note: we have full time staff writers and journalists working for us, but welcome volunteer addition). However, please note that we accept only exclusive, original and unpublished content. NewsGram gets the copyright over the material submitted to it. Drop an email to us at marketing@newsgram.com

Volunteer your skills for social media and I.T. field (website maintenance, and related):

Volunteer your skills as a developer for NewsGram handling development and operation of the site including system maintenance.