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Kolkata: Raising the issue of multi billion rupee chit fund scandal, Left Front on Tuesday demanded the CBI to summon Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for questioning. They also attacked the central government for giving clean chits to those responsible for the scam.

“The main culprits should be arrested. The chief minister should be served a notice for appearing for questioning,” LF spearhead CPI-M state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra told a gathering of chit fund sufferers during a demonstration outside the local Central Bureau of Investigation office.

Pressing for their twin demands of punishing those responsible for the scam and returning the money of the duped depositors, the LF took out a rally from Hudco crossing to the Central Government Office complex at Salt Lake that housed the CBI office.

Mishra said the sufferers would get back their money if the Trinamool Congress government was ousted.

“So we have to unify all the left forces. If we come back to power, all those Trinamool men who have looted the people will got to jail. We will attach their property and the money will be used to repay the duped depositors of chit funds,” he said.

Going hammer and tongs at union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Mishra said the central minister during his first budget speech in had promised to take action against those behind chit fund scams.

“But now, he comes to Kolkata, attends investment summit and gives clean chit to those very people against whom he had promised to act.”

Left Front chairman Biman Bose said the “government of extortionists and thieves” should be ousted.

“Unless you can change this government, people will not get back their money. We have to launch a massive struggle in all districts.”

CPI-M politburo member Mohammad Salim alleged the higher ups in the CBI are not allowing the officers in the state to question Banerjee. “They are apprehensive of trouble. I tell them, that if the Trinamool creates chaos, a larger number of people in the state will support the CBI.” (IANS)(Photo:


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