Trendy Accessories That Are a Must-Have for Every Fashionista

Trendy Accessories That Are a Must-Have for Every Fashionista
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By: Ankit Sharma

To quote French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent, "Fashions fade, style is eternal". When it comes to styling up, accessories can be the real game-changers. They can complete your outfit and elevate your look. With the right accessories on, you can easily make heads turn. But what are the accessories that can help you flaunt a distinct style statement? Making this choice can be a tough call. After all, the list of accessories is quite long and varied, starting from headbands to ladies' payal and so much more! Fret not, for we have your back.

While there are countless accessories to help you dress up, you need to select versatile pieces that can make you stand out. Here are the top accessories that every fashionista must include in her wardrobe.  

Statement Jewellery Pieces

There is no denying that jewellery plays a big role in defining your look. With statement jewellery pieces, you can instantly impact the onlookers. The best part about such pieces is that they can uplift almost any outfit, be it a simple dress or a pair of jeans and tee. Also, you can have a lot of fun while creating a distinct look using your statement pieces. For instance, a pair of gorgeous studs can go a long way in enhancing your formal outfit. 

If you want to highlight a boho look, a layered necklace jewellery set can come to your rescue. A pair of ladies' payal can be a great choice for a more traditional outfit as statement accessories. Whatever statement jewellery you select, be it trendy earrings, stacked bracelets, a necklace jewellery set, or something else, you need to remember one thing – your chosen accessory must compliment your outfit. Else, your whole look may fall flat.

Classy Watches

Gone are the days when watches served only as functional accessories. Today they are a style statement in themselves. A classy watch can be the perfect accessory to adorn your wrist when dressing up for any occasion. Depending on your outfit, you can opt for various timepiece styles. 

For instance, a trendy timepiece in bracelet style can be the right choice to pair up with an evening gown. Or, you can opt for an elegant piece with a pearl strand to complement your festive outfit. When you want your watch to do the talking, avoid stacking it with other accessories, such as chunky bracelets or bangle sets. This will help your watch to shine through. 

Stylish Handbags

There is a reason why fashionistas hold trendy handbags in high esteem. Handbags enable ladies to carry their world with them. They are the ideal companions to step out with for any occasion. But more than anything else, a sophisticated handbag can highlight your distinct fashion sense.

The thumb rule of selecting a handbag is to go for a design that will make you stand out but will not overwhelm your outfit. 

Also, the colour of your handbag and shoes must be as close as possible. It is best to invest in a few high-quality, versatile leather handbags in black, brown, and neutral shades. Make sure that they are of different styles and sizes to pair them with your outfits easily. 

Quality Belts

A belt is a wardrobe essential that can do more than keep your jeans in place. This accessory can add personality to your outfit and uplift your look. When you want to lend a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, you can always depend on an elegant belt to do your bidding. No wonder belts never go out of fashion. For the same reason, they are among the preferred accessories of fashionistas.

The fact that belts are super versatile also enhances their popularity. You can sport a belt with almost any outfit, including tops, tunics, trousers, oversized blazers, sleeveless jackets, gowns, Indo-Western dresses, and a lot more. A chic belt is a great way to compliment your saree look. You can invest in belts with different widths and buckle designs to experiment with your style and create stunning looks.

Great Shoes

A stellar pair of shoes is the ultimate accessory that can add a finishing touch to your outfit. Shoes are among those accessories that you cannot do without, whether you are heading out for work or a party. You can wear them to dress up or dress down. Every woman needs a few pairs of versatile footwear to steal the limelight with ease, including trendy stilettos, sling-back heels, fancy boots, comfy sneakers, and Ballerina flats.

When selecting your shoes, make sure that they are not just stylish but well-made and comfortable. Also, opting for neutral shades like black and brown can be a wise choice as you can then match them with several outfits.

To Wrap

Now that you know about the must-have accessories, you can go ahead and start adding them to your collection. Do not hesitate to experiment with your accessories and redefine your style statement. Finally, never forget to wear your confidence when stepping out, as it is the best accessory that you can flaunt.

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