Marathi film Nilkanth Master takes you down to pre-independence era

Marathi film Nilkanth Master takes you down to pre-independence era

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The recent eponymous Marathi film Nilkanth Master, directed by the stalwart of Marathi cinema Gajendra Ahire, takes us down the lane of history to Indian Independence, and leaves us wrecked emotionally by the portrayal of violence and love at the same time, that people had for their motherland during the freedom struggle.

The first shot of the trailer itself, where people are seen holding the firelights, reminds us of any patriotic film but as the timeline passes we're left with the imprints of silver seminal Ray-effects (which remains intact naturally even after finishing, not so much by eye accommodation) that was so poignantly used in his adaptation of Tagore's famous novel Ghare Bahire. Performances of Adinath Kothare and Vikram Gokhale are so stark and yet subtle that it's a must watch.

"Young people would fall in love that time too, just like they do now. But for them, getting freedom for the country came first and everything else was placed after that. I hear how young boys and girls take their lives when they fail in love. But if they preserve their precious lives to dedicate it towards the country then so much can be achieved. 'Nilkanth Master' is one such love story from the pre-independence era where patriotism came first for the youth of India," says producer Balbhim Pathare.

The movie showcases the brave freedom fighters and their unrecognized roles and sacrifices during the pre-independence era. But juxtaposed with this patriotic sub-plot in the script, the film highlights a love story as well. The movie sometimes becomes something like Ray's Home and the World where an ensuing love story transgresses and blends with the higher and greater issue of the ongoing freedom struggle of the country. Like many other Marathi films which have brought forward some heartfelt love stories in the past, Nilkanth Master is a love story too. But more than just a love story of two young hearts, it is about the love for the country in the hearts of youngsters during the days of India's freedom struggle.

Even the love that youngsters had during that period has been well represented by the music of the film composed by the duo Ajay-Atul. The trailer at the end has the blaring national song "Vande Mataram" that takes us down the historical timeline. The patriotic tracks 'Adhir Man Jhale' and 'Kaunse Desh Chala' gives goosebumps and reminds us of the brave fighters of the freedom struggle.

Overall, Nilkanth Master is a movie that tangibly takes you down to the time of Indian struggle for freedom.

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