Guru Nanak Jayanti: Some of the Interesting Facts that You Must Know about Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak Jayanti: Some of the Interesting Facts that You Must Know about Guru Nanak

November 14, 2016: The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak was known for his social, political, and spiritual beliefs which were based on love, virtue, fraternity and equality. Guru Nanak spread the message of 'one God', and also that God constitutes the eternal truth and he resides in his creations. On his 547 Birth anniversary here are some of the interesting facts that you must know about Guru Nanak.

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• Guru Nanak was born on April 15, 1469. His birth anniversary is celebrated on the full moon day or Kartik Puranmashi of October or November.

• Guru Nanak believed that he was neither Hindu nor Muslim, though he was born to Hindu parents.

• At the age of seven Guru Nanak started going to school, and at the age of 18, Guru Nanak married Mata Sulakkhani. He had two sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Chand.

• Sri Chand became the founder of the Udasi religion

• One day, Guru Nanak went for a bath and didn't return back, his clothes were later found on the banks of a stream. The locals thought that maybe he died. After three days, he came back and remained silent. Later, he confessed that he had been taken to the God's court and there he was offered amrit and was blessed

• Guru Nanak said, "There is neither Hindu nor Muslim so whose path shall I follow? I shall follow God's path. God is neither Hindu nor Muslim and the path which I follow is God's."

• The Sikh sacred scripture, Guru Granth Sahib was founded by him

• His teaching majorly included three things; 'Vand Chakko', 'Kirat Karo' and 'Naam Japna'. Vand Chakko means sharing with others and helping those in need. Kirat Karo means making an honest living without exploiting anyone and 'Naam Japna' which means meditating by the name of God and controlling the evils in us.

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• Guru Nanak travelled the world to spread the holy message. He travelled on foot with his Muslim companion Bhai Mardana to Mecca, , Kashmir, Bengal, Tibet, Manipur, Rome etc.
• Guru Nanak died at the age of 70. Bhai Lena was appointed by him as his successor and was renamed him as Guru Angad.

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