Lessons from a Muslim victim of communal riots, now crafts Hindu idols

Lessons from a Muslim victim of communal riots, now crafts Hindu idols

Feb 25, 2017: The Year 2002 was a terrific one for state Ahemdabad, as the communal riots agitated spuriously and took over more than thousands of lives. The ill consequences post the aftermath lasted for a month leaving people petrified in the name of religion. However, a 29 year old Muslim, Mohsin Shaikh set an exemplary for everyone condemning religions and allowing discrimination on basis of religion.

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Shaikh was fourteen years of age when communal riots took place back in 2002. At that time, he had to withdraw from pursuing further education. Being the eldest of three siblings, he decided to lend a helping hand to his father and helped his father at a car battery shop. Having no other means of entertainment, Shaikh started carving things out of chalk and pencil graphite and later transformed this activity into crafting Hindu Idols. Upon asking about the hardships faced by him in making Hindu Idols, he replied to The Times Of India,"I do not discriminate on the basis of religion. Whether you worship in a temple or in a mosque, ultimately it is like a hunger that must be satisfied. In my case, it is hunger of art. Chalk sticks are a weapon for me to exhibit my art and to spread love."

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Shaikh's constant efforts yielded results when the idol of Lord Shiva, his abode Mount Kailash and his vehicle Nandi- the bull were set up at the Panchnath Mahdev temple, Ahemdabad. The story of this virtuous man appears to be strange to people, who believes in religion discrimination. Some other astounding creations of his are a statue of PM Narendra Modi, replicas of Ellisbridge and the city's iconic heritage structure.

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