Sweeten Your Lockdown With Interesting Fruit Recipes

Sweeten Your Lockdown With Interesting Fruit Recipes

With the COVID-19 situation, your summer may appear to be a tad dull, but it doesnt have to be!

Cooking seems to have hit the new trend as food cravings are really hard to resist! We have all the time at hand but limited supplies, leaving us with just the essentials. In such case turn to fruit, which is far can be from boring and monotonous?

With the temperature rising high, it might be the ideal time to try out interesting recipes which involve fruit. Turn them into delicious breakfast, dessert, and smoothies!

Fruit juice and summer goes hand in hand. Pixabay

Get Juicy

Fruit juice and summer goes hand in hand. Grab some citrus fruits like watermelons, pomegranates, and oranges, as their richness in vitamin C will boost your energy levels, and help you stay hydrated! Have a glass a day!

Banana chocolate toast

This is perfect if you're looking for a quick and filling breakfast. It is as simple as preparing a regular sandwich, add banana slices with chocolate spread!

Toast it, or just toss the bread over a pan if you like it crunchy. This combination of melted chocolate with banana is tempting, but you can also try this with some homemade peanut butter to suit your taste buds.

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Smoothies and Shakes

Banana and chikoo make for deliciously thick smoothies! Try it with added milk, yogurt and seeds and for healthier options opt for soy or almond milk.

You can also experiment and combine the two for a twist in the flavor. Sprinkle some arils or chia seeds on top to make it a perfect instagram-worthy delight!

Nothing beats a fruit salad. Pixabay

Customise your custard

Fruits makes up the most appetizing dessert, and you can always count on it for custard or trifle. Layer some pound cake, custard, fruit and any toppings you fancy.

Mix it up in a salad

Nothing beats a fruits salad. Strike a balance in your diet by replacing a meal with a bowl of fruit salad. There's a lot you can do with fruit, right from healthy snacking options to mouth watering dessert. (IANS)

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