How to Create Compelling Videos That Convert on Instagram

How to Create Compelling Videos That Convert on Instagram

It is considered that in the near future the video content will rule the world of social media. Instagram is proof that this direction is true. In the beginning, Instagram positioned itself as a photo-sharing platform. But with time, when it became obvious that videos are capable of keeping users within the network much longer, Instagram introduced the possibility to upload videos to the posts. Income Artist has studied Viralrace you can also check out for related resources.

First, the length of the video was limited to 30 seconds. But by now we have additional options for uploading longer content – IGTV. And the limit for posting was pushed to 1 minute. Along with the introduction of Stories in 2016, Instagram becomes competitive to YouTube as a video-blogging platform. Here we want to share with you, how to create videos that will bring you to success on Instagram.

Set The Right Goal

When you decide to conquer Insta-crowd with video content, you have to devote yourself to planning the whole process. That starts with literally writing on the sheet of paper. You have to be a hundred percent sure of what are you going to present to your viewers. The most important advice here would be – put your efforts into editing and staging your video.

Everything has to be dedicated to the ultimate goal, like:

  • Gaining followers/likes/views

  • Retain the ones you already have

  • Attract advertisers

When you know for sure why you need this video to be uploaded on Instagram, it will be easier to create something that would fit like a glove. Ideas come better when you are aimed for a certain result. That is why make plans. It will be helpful for the overall development of your blog. After you make up your schedule, you can also decide when you will need to purchase stats for boosting, like Instagram views (and we happen to know just the place where the quality comes with cheap prices).

Being concrete in your materials is also appealing to the audience. With the right attitude, you will complete your goals.

Short format is dominating on Instagram, which is why it is important to learn how to squeeze everything you want to say into a brief 60 seconds. Unsplash

Wield Storytelling

It is important to present your message to the world so it would be easy to read, understand, and react to. When the story is clear, you get a more sincere and powerful influence to your viewers, as they begin to feel something while they watch. Short format is dominating on Instagram, which is why it is important to learn how to squeeze everything you want to say into a brief 60 seconds. However, your videos of whatever genre and purpose they can be must have:

  • Beginning/introduction

  • Middle

  • Ending

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These are vital points for all the existing formats. For example, viral memes are much more amusing when the viewer can see how the whole thing was started.

The video content on Instagram begins to play automatically, as a user scrolls the newsfeed, so you must make your intro catchy and attracts attention. The first couple of seconds are the most important instrument to pick the interest of the public, so you have to spend some time editing and mastering your post.

The second significant point is the fact that videos on this platform are played silently by default. To turn on the sound, the user has to tap on the screen once. That is why putting in some captions is a good idea. Also, don't forget to add some calls-to-action to your video. This is optional, but it proves to be a pleasant addition to your marketing purposes.

The steady frame is more pleasing to the eye, and thus attracts more viewers. Unsplash

A Handful Of Light

Instagram is a visual key platform. So the aesthetic looks and quality of your content is a primary subject in the matters of competition and attracting people. On YouTube, amateurish style is much more tolerable, but Insta-blogging requires a more professional touch to it, even though it is designed to be used on smartphones. So do not neglect digging into the market of modern devices.

Flagman brand smartphones, like Apple, Samsung, or Xiaomi, can easily replace the major part of professional gadgets. But top gear is not a guarantee that you will instantly become a pro at shooting. And lighting is your best friend, especially when you are shooting Stories and Live-streams. It can save the day even if you don't have a top-class gadget. Here are the main tips to remember:

  • Avoid placing the source of light directly above you. The shadows become weird and make you look unattractive.

  • Prefer natural light before all other sources. This kind of light is the most pleasant for the cameras, and it allows you to play with positioning to find what suits you best. Most portrait photographers choose early morning or dawn light for portraits. But for inanimate objects, soft indirect daylight is just the case.

  • If you don't have professional gear, use simple things to help. For example, you can use a sheet of paper to create the effect of a reflector.

Shooting Nuances

The lighting alone cannot do the trick. You have to get some skills in shooting. First of all, look through guides and educational videos to learn the essentials of editing. Also, remember the key statements that will help you not to fail your work.

  • Focus. In every meaning this word has. Always check twice where the focus of your frame is. Blurry videos are not winning videos.

  • Buy yourself a tripod. Live-action wobbly shots are good for scary movies, but we are talking about Instagram here. The steady frame is more pleasing to the eye, and thus attracts more viewers.

  • Learn post-production. That will save you money and will help to develop a unique style.

Decide What Is Your Signature Type Of Content

Consistency and devotion are a sure method to increase your ratings online. We have gathered the most interesting and popular video formats:

Product Reviews, Feature and Action Presentation

This type of content is a good hook for advertisers. But to gain popularity as a reviewer you need a big and loyal community around your account. Also, remember that good looks are a must. Perfect interiors, lighting and object condition are your primary concern.


This type of content is hard to make a prominent topic for your account unless you are involved in some industry like movies, modeling or photography. But it serves well to dilute the main type of content on your page, thus gaining you points of loyalty from your audience.

As a lifestyle blogger, you may include those for mixing your content:

  • Room or house tour

  • Daily routine

  • Beauty routine

  • Workday

  • Insight on your hobby

  • How you create your content

Generally, time-lapses are preferred to use for shooting movement, like a road trip. Unsplash

How-to's And Other Educative Videos

This format is believed to be the most popular genre on any platform. When you are able to produce something like a pro, it is good to share your knowledge. We do not intend any propaganda here, you can take charge of your lessons, but giving your viewers a taste of what they can get is a sure thing to increase the number of followers.


It is also a cool trick to expand your target group. By grouping your content into a series, you can easily drive attention to your older videos. Also, waiting on a new episode of their favorite series is good leverage for a user to press the "Follow" button.


A fun and outstanding method to attract the attention of the crowd. It requires many efforts though. To create such type of video you will have to take a series of photos on your cameras, which later must be combined into a video with the help of specific apps.


This content suits the most when you need to squeeze a long video into one minute limit of Instagram. Generally, time-lapses are preferred to use for shooting movement, like a road trip or cleaning the house. We happily remind iPhone users that their cameras have a built-in timelapse mode, while Android owners have to get a special app to run this format.


In the text above you have the main tips to remember gathered. But you have to understand that the key to success in video-blogging on Instagram is the creativity and ability to think outside of the box.