Statistics Of 2.2GBPS Home Broadband By Virgin Trials

Statistics Of 2.2GBPS Home Broadband By Virgin Trials

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Virgin Media has successfully trialed the 2.2Gbps home broadband connection in the primary market town of Berkshire. It is the beginning of high-speed internet launching in the whole of the UK.

The network owned by Virgin Media is known to have a topmost connection in both coaxial cable and full fiber connections, and one can avail best broadband deals from the same. The speed offered is more than 600 Mbps. Different ISPs are coming up with an upgrade that is capable of gigabit speed in cable networks. The change in the internet will increase the internet speed to a great extent.

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This network has spread out to around 3.7 million households. It covers a broadband service of around 1Gbps offering an upload speed of 50 Mbps—download speed of approximately 1,140 Mbps for a package of about £62 for a month. Virgin Media intends to extend the upgraded speed to around 15 million people on the premises by the end of the year 2021. Having a rate of 1 Gbps does not do full justice to the maximum capacity cable network.

The upgrade of the coaxial cable helps in achieving the best speed that people can experience with their downstream speed of around 10 Gbps and also upgrades the upstream speed of 2 Gbps. This allows them to push their broadband speed to a great extent while being in the full-fiber network.

Virgin has been the first to complete its trial with the full capacity, which provides the highest speed to the domestic broadband services. The download speed available to the people in town is around 2.2 Gbps of download with 214Mbps of upload speed. There is also an improvement that they are working on with the upstream speed of the internet.

Virgin Media intends to extend the upgraded speed to around 15 million people on the premises by the end of the year 2021. Pixabay

According to the Chief Technology and Information Officer at Virgin Media, Jeanie York invests around £1 billion in the network industry every year. With a pace like that, we can only imagine how Virgin Media will grow in its network, providing better lightning speed, multi-gigabit broadband speed, etc.

Virgin Media is ever ready to serve their customers with the connectivity they are looking for in whatever comes to them. Virgin Media is on track to make the UK faster, and that is what they have been working on. They are aggressively working on rolling out gigabit broadband speed across the whole network by the end of the year.

Having the connection of the next generation in line, the customers will now be open to experiencing the best of the broadband connection. A speed like that allows users to load an 8K game with instant streaming with high-quality video calls, which can help in uploading files while staying at home at the same time. The up-gradation of 2.2Gbps will be upgraded and worked on only once the gigabyte update is done with.

Some of the full fiber providers have been pushing the sound barriers in the network, which can surprise the audience. Apart from that, some alternative network providers provide 10 Gbps packages for £150 a month for about 10,000 rural homes that it tries to reach.

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There are some people such as Barry Forde who find it useless for domestic people to have access to such fast internet connection. Companies such as Community Fibre work with the local authorities to connect onboard for one million premises by 2025.

Additionally, Swish Fibre is also investing around £250 million to bring a speed of approximately 10 Gbps to millions of households and starts from Buckinghamshire, which will target every village that is looking for ultra-fast internet connection.

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