Tips On Starting A Video Production Company

Tips On Starting A Video Production Company

By Spiel Creative

As time goes by, many people are consuming more video than text content. Due to this, the video production scene is growing and becoming a good business to venture into. If you have studied video production and would like to venture into this field commercially, then the time is right for you. There are many freelancing gigs and longer contractual jobs you can get into.

Many people are making a living from running video production companies. If you want to get into the production business, there are various things you will need to do. It can be confusing for you if you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, especially those who have not studied the discipline. It should not be so hard to figure out what you need to get into production. Here are some pointers to help you make headway in the industry;


If possible, ask around for other production houses how they do it. Companies like Spiel Creative have been in the business for a long time and can offer you valuable insight. You can also look at the jobs that such companies have done and see what you will learn from them. Alternatively, you can get an internship or a job you qualify to help you gain experience in the industry.

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Network with people in the industry to know more about the clientele and the people who are likely to need your business's services when you are all setup. Once you know what the industry is interested in, you are ready to get on your production journey. Before buying any equipment necessary for video production, ask around for the best option for the type of shots you are interested in. Also, you can get an idea of where to get them at competitive rates to help you save a coin.

Get a good camera

Even though people may argue that it is not a good camera that takes great pictures, quality footage is the best way to start your video production journey. There are new brands of cameras coming out in the market each day. As time goes by, the quality of footage shot also goes up. It would help if you chose a camera with quality footage that will be in use for a while, so you do not have to keep buying new cameras each time.

In Video production it is a must to invest and have the best possible camera. Pixabay

The type of video content that you want to put out will determine the ideal camera to purchase. There are many options in the market, and it may be hard for you to make the best choice with your first buy. Knowing the specs of the camera does not automatically mean that you can anticipate the output. Working with an established video production company is a sure way of understanding cameras and their capabilities in both natural and artificial lighting setups.

Invest in lenses

Other than the camera, you will also need quality lenses. Many cameras might come with a pack of their own, but you will need to get another set of lenses more often than not. Ensure you get different lenses that can be used for either closeups or long shots. Lenses vary in the type of shots and quality of shots they give you, so put this in mind. This is one aspect that you cannot overlook when picking a camera.

Buy one that is compatible with an array of lenses to avoid certain limitations. Most lenses are expensive, making it hard for beginners to buy a set without straining. You can choose to invest in them from the onset or buy as the business grows, depending on the budget you have at hand. The video production field is collaborative, and it may be cheaper to hire from other companies as you grow yours.

Get assisting equipment

Other than the camera and lenses, a lot more goes into video production. Without good sound and light, you might not get the picture quality you are after. For this reason, you must get sound and lighting equipment for your company. You might also have to invest in tripods, hard drives, and boom poles. All this equipment plays a role in getting the correct video quality.

Keep all the required camera equipment. Pinterest

If you are not able to buy as some of them can be pricey, consider hiring for the first few projects. Have a checklist starting with the priority equipment and buy as your pocket allows. You can choose to use voiceovers for your videos, eliminating the need to record on set. Additionally, you can experiment with natural lighting and develop unique shots before buying the equipment that you need to manipulate the light on location.

Get an editing suite

The videos shot will only be good if they are put together to make sense. Having the right editing suite will ensure that this process goes one without an issue. Ensure you have the software you will need to edit your videos with and that you have a processor that can handle the heavy footage you will be using.

A good editing suite makes editing a seamless task to carry out. The edit suite you get should be able to edit the video quality from your camera. Also, invest in hardware as some computers are not ideal for editing. The computer you choose will determine the edit suite that you work with. Some developers avail their product for iOS only, while others can be used on any computer if space and speed allow for the same.

The company you set up does not need to have land-based as you work on the registration and equipment acquisition. Set up a website and social media pages to help you reach your target audience and showcase your skillset. It is possible to land jobs on the internet and meet clients before you have an office. This will give you the motivation to keep going. Brand visibility in the virtual realm will get you more jobs than an office without any traffic.

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