A Guide On Selecting The Right Color Palette For Your Abode

A Guide On Selecting The Right Color Palette For Your Abode

Choosing the right color palette for your abode seems like a simple task but in reality, it can be incredibly daunting. Let's break down the process and see how you can choose a color palette that best suits your personality and style. Arun Malhotra, CEO, AM Estate Developers shares a few tips:

Step 1: Choosing the colors

You can take the help of the color wheel to decide what colors you want in your house. Basically, there are three types of colors:

Primary: Red, Blue, Yellow.

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Secondary: Orange, Green, Purple. These are prepared by mixing equal parts of any two primary colors.

Tertiary: These are prepared by mixing different parts of primary and secondary colors and can have infinitely different hues.

Step 2: Creating a color scheme

The color scheme that you choose for your house must reflect your personality. There are four basic color schemes that you can play around with.

Monochromatic: As the name suggests, you get to use different values of the same color. For example, you can paint your ceiling midnight blue and your walls sky blue.

Analogous: This scheme uses colors that are placed next to each other on the color wheel. For example, yellow can be used with green or orange, or blue can be used with green or purple. This is one of the best ways of creating a vibrant, yet soothing palette.

Choose the color wisely. IANS

Contrast: This scheme is great for introducing energy into your palette. You can use contrasting colors like yellow-orange, green-blue, or red-purple to create depth.

Complementary: This scheme utilizes two colors that are placed opposite on the color wheel, say red and green, to create drama and energy.

Here's what you should consider while choosing your color palette

– If this is the first time that you're choosing the palette, go for a contrasting theme. Something dark paired with something light. That's a theme you can't go wrong with.

– If you want your home to exude serenity, go for soft, pastel hues. But if you want some energy in your home then you should pick vibrant colors like Yellow and Red.

– Also, it isn't necessary that you put your colors on the walls. You can keep your walls neutral and use your furnishings and accessories to showcase colors.

– Pay attention to the lighting in your house and choose the colors accordingly as it can alter the entire feel of the colors.

How to go about painting your home

You can start by selecting a color that you like — say blue. Then you should examine different shades of green. Let's say you like two shades — one with a grey undertone and one with a blue undertone. You can then use these colors in two different areas — say kitchen and living room. To join these two areas, you can use a common neutral color for the ceilings.

More than anything, the process of painting your home should be enjoyable and not stressful. By following these guidelines, you can definitely make it easier for yourself to decide the right palette for your home, but you must remember that these are just guidelines. In the end, it's your house and therefore, your call. Break the rules if you want. What matters the most is that you should be happy with the way your place looks. (IANS)

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