Ashtottaram # 66

Ashtottaram # 66



ॐ संपूर्णभूम्यै नमः

(Sampūrṇam: Infinite, full, endless)

In Īśa or Īśhavāsyopanishad which belongs to Yajurveda saṃhita, the glory of the divine cosmic soul and the knowledge of the Supreme Self are deliberated. This is also referred to as the Jnāna Kānda. The book starts with an invocation, recited as Mangaḷacharan (the auspicious inception) to sing the glory of the Supreme God 'Oṁ pūrṇamadaha pūrṇamidam, pūrnāt pūrnamudaschyate; pūrṇasya pūrnamādāya pūrṇamevāvashishyate', -meaning that 'Parabrahman' (Supreme divine cosmic soul) is embellished with all qualities tangible and intangible. It is through this Parabrahman that this universe evolved. Because this universe has evolved from the One, the universe is devoid of beginning and is infinite.

This total or complete One, is so significant that even if one literally decides to deduct or remove the cosmos and universe from that complete or total energy, it shall remain constant, i.e., total. Even if this universe does not remain, the divine cosmic energy is devoid of beginning and is infinite. The knowledgeable person that sees God in all creatures and sees all creatures in God becomes happy and experiences incessantly the beauty of God. If we realize God, we get liberated from all the miseries and attachments that continually plague us.

The Vedas are the holy commandments of the gods for mankind. The entire universe or cosmos is pervaded by He who is all pervasive, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and unchanging. Even the gods and sages have not realized Him in reality. The energy the gods possess is just one fragment of the divine cosmic energy. They cannot do anything without divine inspiration and intervention. He is the source of all the contradictory features and natures. Even if He is devoid of birth, He takes birth, even being formless, assumes form; even being devoid of characteristics, assume the nature. He is very far from us, yet, very close to us. The entire world is embellished with this cosmic energy inside out. The person that performs all his duties according to the scriptures and their directives indirectly in reality worships God. Those who work selflessly are not caught in the bondage of actions or karma. There is no way that one can escape the chains of karma.

He, who is always absorbed in the divine cosmic energy, attains the blissful state. He gradually loses the self and merges into the divine cosmic energy.

The land and its Vedic scriptures which taught us about the total cosmic energy is 'Sampūrṇa Bhūmi'.

Keywords: Vedas, Endless, Infinite, Complete