Why CoolSculpting is trending

Why CoolSculpting is trending

By IANSlife

For individuals seeking body perfection and precision, CoolSculpting is a revolutionary adjustable, non-surgical, and non-invasive contouring technology. Kaya, one of India's premier skincare brands with the country's largest doctor network, has released CoolSculpting (Registered), signaling a strategic realignment with its ever-growing uber-urban consumer base.

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Ushering in a brand-new method that combines dermatological expertise, a refined sense of aesthetics, and a body-care culture, Kaya continues to work towards enabling everyone to discover their own unique beauty. Allergan Healthcare India Pvt Ltd.'s CoolSculpting (Registered) is a well recognised, breakthrough technique for body contouring as an enhanced alternative to surgery with little to no downtime. It is FDA-approved in the United States, and it is a safe, painless, and effective treatment for pockets of unwanted fat in troublesome body areas.

CoolSculpting contours the body using the technical method of cryolipolysis, which delivers precisely regulated cooling to the fat cells beneath the skin. The body naturally eliminates these dead cells by treating them with crystallisation (freezing) over time, leaving you with a sense of renewed metamorphosis. The services are aimed at reducing noticeable bulges and contouring the thighs, abdomen, and flanks, as well as the upper arm, back, abs, stomach, and chin area.

Kaya will continue to bring alleviated personalization to help consumers discover products and services that are right for their unique selves, as evidenced by the brand's new purpose-driven mantra, "Beautiful is You." In that vein, the cutting-edge technology is poised to become yet another apex in the development of a future expert skincare and body solution destination.

Rajiv Nair, Group CEO of Kaya, said, "We are extremely excited about this launch. It's innovative, it's pioneering, it's expertise in dermats, in technique, in technology. As a trend-setting fashion and lifestyle hub, India's residents, both men and women, are seen pushing the boundaries in an effort to look and feel in shape. A growing demand for body contouring procedures in the country is being seen as a trusted method of sculpting muscles to regain a well-contoured form. We have received a great response from our launch in the Middle-East and are eager to bring CoolSculpting (Registered) to Kaya India. "

The CoolSculpting (Registered) procedure is accessible at certain Kaya clinics in Delhi for INR 45,000/- each session, with plans to expand to other cities.


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