Bride, Groom caste vote right off the wedding hall

Bride, Groom caste vote right off the wedding hall

Setting an example for others, a just married couple reached polling station at Jaipur house here straight from the wedding hall to exercise their right to vote, driving home the message of the significance of voting. After casting their votes, Agra resident Divyanshi Jain and her husband Aman Jain said: "It is important to vote and elect a good government for the country. Our area should also get developed. That's why we thought of casting our vote. We know which candidate is good for us." Twenty-one-year-old Aman said: "Many families do not cast votes. It is everyone's fundamental right which they must exercise."

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Nine Assembly constituencies of Agra district has 3,477,645 electorates, of which 1,588,912 are women, 1,888,588 men, 41,270 youths and 145 transgenders. A total of 1,761 polling centres have been set up in the district for 3,911 booths. Actually, Agra district has been divided into 62 zones for 390 sectors. Twenty-five Sakhi booths have been made in the district. The women electorates will cast votes in the said booths, manned by the fairer sex. There are 886 critical booths in the district and over 17,000 polling personnel have been deployed to conduct the exercise. To conduct the polls in a free and fair manner, over 30,000 paramilitary force and police personnel have been deployed. A total of 1,956 polling stations will have a webcasting facility while CCTV and videography teams are there at other places. (IANS/SP)

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