Why You Need Instagram Stories

Why You Need Instagram Stories

Do you want yours to be noticed from the many Stories on Instagram? There are a few rules that you can use to learn how to present yourself in a 15-second video format. First, let's find out why Stories are needed.

Why You Need Stories

As a student, you can find a lot of coursework writing services to find more time on writing stories. Stories are not secondary content, as many people think. With daily short videos, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. In addition, this format helps bloggers to promote their posts from the feed without the help of the most-liked Instagram tools or third-party services. For example, if you duplicate a post in Stories, then you probably don't even have to buy Instagram likes for the post to become popular. Suppose that at a friend's birthday party you met a girl who is an animator by profession. She shared her nickname on Instagram, and that was the end of the conversation. However, now in the case when your child needs to organize a holiday, you will remember that girl, because such an image has become fixed in your mind, and you can turn to her.

Convey ideas with the help of visuals. (Representational Image) Unsplash

If that girl met new people every day and shared her activities, or regularly reminded acquaintances of the services, more people would be interested in inviting her to the holiday. It turns out that such an animator does not even need to invest in promotion and buy likes on Instagram to tell more people about his work. She just needs to attend events often and meet people. The short video format allows you to express yourself: you can share entertaining moments of your work and prove yourself as a worthy specialist. Thus, Stories become a tool for attracting customers.

How To Make Interesting Stories

It is important to realize that someone enjoys watching your life. Most likely you think that you have a boring life, but in fact, thousands of people would be curious to watch what happens to you during the day and see your morning routine. Therefore, stop considering your own life uninteresting and start opening up to the audience. Also, try adding some drama to your everyday life to learn how to present daily rituals vividly.

Define The Message of Stories

The message is an internal component of the content, which fixes a certain association for your image in subscribers, prompting them to take specific actions. Formulate the response you want from the audience, such as signing up, making a purchase, building trust. Define the theses with which you can talk about your account at any event. The quality of their impact on others depends on the specifics of the wording.


Thousands of people would be curious to watch what happens to you during the day and see your morning routine. (Representational Image) | Unsplash


Learn to play with everyday situations using the previous tips. Convey ideas with the help of visuals: for example, if it's evening outside the window and you are in a romantic mood, shoot the lights of the city to the music, share the appropriate poem. Find a way to convey what you feel. Before you post a short video or photo, look at it through the eyes of a viewer. If the idea of the publication is clear to you, there are no problems. But if the message is difficult to catch with the naked eye, it is better to add an explanation, for example, with the help of text or voice-over.

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