Know about Parshuraama Jayanti

Parshuraama is the sixth avatar of Lord Vishu as described by Hindu scholars. This year Parshuraama Jayanti falls on the 8th May

Parshuraama Jayanti Source: Wikimedia Commons

By Yogesh Raikar

Parshuraama (or, Parshuram or Parshurama) Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of the sixth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, who himself holds the status of being one of the Three Supreme Powers, according to the Hindu Purana (puraan). Parshuraama, the sixth of all the ten incarnations (nine at present) was believed to be born on the Pradosh kala in shukla paksha,and thus, when the Tritiya prevails on this day, is celebrated as the Parshuraama Jayanti. According to the Hindu mythology, Parshuraama is believed to be still living on earth as a form of energy, that energy which destroys the bad and sinful sources.

As the Hindu Purana states, Parshuraama is called Chiranjeevi (one who is immortal) and thus continues to live even after his mortal years. Parshuraama was the disciple of Lord Shiva, who presented him with the famous axe that Parshuraama is always depicted of using during his martial combats. Parshuraama holds a special worship status in the Hinduism because he is believed to be returning as the martial instructor for the final incarnation of Lord Vishu i.e Lord Kalki.

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Parshuraama, the sixth avatar of Lord Vishu, is described by Hindu scholars, “as the ultimate power source which is capable of devastating the bad from its roots and bringing discipline into action.”

Parshuraama Jayanti is celebrated on a higher enthusiasm near the southern and western coastal regions of India. These are the regions that were defended by Lord Parshuraama from the irreligious monarch and the villains of that regions. Udupi is a major region, where Lord Parshuraama is worshipped on a greater umber as compared with any other regions in India.

This year the date for Parshuraama Jayanti falls on the 8th May 2016, whereby the Tritiya mahurat (auspicious time) begins at 17:51 (5:51 pm). Greater celebrations are about to begin in the southern and western coastal regions of India, owing to the preparations of this day.

Prepared By Yogesh Raikar from Mumbai