London's top Indian restaurants for business meetings

A list of the best Indian restaurants in London that are excellent for business meetings has been compiled by London & Partners, the city's business development and destination agency.
London's top Indian restaurants for business meetings. (IANS)

London's top Indian restaurants for business meetings. (IANS)


There will once again be in-person business talks. Meetings can be successfully held in restaurants. But for everything to go off without a hitch, it's crucial to have the appropriate ambiance, cuisine, seating, and setting.

In addition to being one of the world's top business hubs, London is home to some of the finest restaurants serving cuisine from around the world. In actuality, there are over 15,000 dining choices in London, including 71 restaurants with Michelin stars. Given that there are more than 850 Indian businesses operating in the UK and that the Indian diaspora makes up the biggest ethno-national group in London, it is not surprising that Indian restaurants are extremely popular there.

A list of the best Indian restaurants in London that are excellent for business meetings has been compiled by London & Partners, the city's business development and destination agency:

Kanishka, Mayfair

Every area of India has its own distinctive cuisine, complete with categorical signature dishes and cooking techniques. Regional differences are honoured at the thriving Pan-Indian Kanishka. The chefs at this restaurant combine many of the most popular dishes using a carefully curated collection of premium ingredients, giving each dish a modern twist. The restaurant's spacious, 180-seat area and its striking, bright blue interiors provide a bright, well-lit setting ideal for both daytime and evening meetings.

Amaya, Belgravia

Amaya is a restaurant with one Michelin star that serves Indian dishes that are grilled and tandoor-baked, infused with delicate, complex flavours, and prepared in a showy open kitchen. The restaurant's rosewood tables, terracotta statues, contemporary paintings, and of course its food, never fail to please customers! A private dining room at Amaya is perfect for an intimate luncheon with up to 14 guests.

Trishna, Marylebone

Trishna provides a sample of modern Indian coastal cuisine. This one-Michelin-star eatery in London's Marylebone neighbourhood has undergone a makeover with casual, understated interiors, a varied menu that includes both meat and vegetarian dishes, and a wide range of wines. The restaurant's upscale, sophisticated atmosphere is ideal for business gatherings. The eatery also has a 12-person capacity private dining room. The best way to start a conversation is with Trishna's extensive wine selection!

Dishoom, Across Six London Locations

Dishoom, one of the most popular Indian restaurants in London, is modelled after Irani cafes from the old Bombay and serves Indian street cuisine. Each location has a unique story to share and is decorated with antique furniture, lighting, and decorations from Mumbai's antique shops. Dishoom is the perfect restaurant to conduct meetings with both coworkers and younger people due to its lively atmosphere.

Gymkhana, Mayfair

Gymkhana is modelled after the affluent clubs in India where people from the upper class socialise, dine, drink, and engage in physical activity. Gymkhana has two different looks and is divided between two floors. Since 2014, the eatery has been recognised with a Michelin star for its traditional and modern Indian fare. Hunting trophies from the Maharaja of Jodhpur are displayed on the walls, along with a barometer that belonged to Grandmother Sethi, the trio of Sethi brothers who now manage the establishment. Private dining areas in Mayfair include two cellars with banquette seating for 10-12 people. Gymkhana is the spot to go if your business associates want to hang out in a vintage setting with delicious food!

Veerasamy, West End

One of London's earliest Indian restaurants, this Michelin-starred establishment is located on Regent Street. The restaurant, which has been serving the best Indian food since 1926, takes great pleasure in its traditional Indian dishes, which are carefully made in a very professional kitchen. The furnishings are awash in hues that give the area a cheerful, lively appearance. Additionally, the eatery has a palmer room with Mughal architecture that can accommodate up to 22 people.

Jamavar, Mayfair

With 180 seats available, Jamavar is a luxurious fine-dining concept with food inspired by the varied and rich culinary customs of India and colonial-style decor. Its rattan chairs and brass accents are the ideal complement to the sculpted bar made of Ganjifa artwork and Indian print block designs. Culinary Director and Executive Chef Surender Mohan carefully crafts the Pan-Indian dishes for the Michelin star winner using the most genuine Indian culinary methods and the freshest British ingredients. The eatery is a top choice for business meetings in the city because of its professionalism.


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