Russia-Ukraine War: Kyiv Claims Russia Used Banned Chemical Weapon

The Ukrainian Navy has accused Russia of using a banned chemical weapon against Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine.
Kyiv Claims Russia Used Banned Chemical Weapon. (Reuters)
Kyiv Claims Russia Used Banned Chemical Weapon. (Reuters)Russia-Ukraine War

Russia uses banned chemical weapons - aerosol grenades "K-51", says the message of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook.

"The occupiers are dropping chlorpicrin grenades from drones on our defenders in the east. In order to protect themselves from the strong irritant effect of the prohibited ammunition, the marines held their positions in chemical defenses," said the message published on December 4.

In November, Politico, citing its sources, reported that the administration of the US president fears that Russia may use chemical weapons in Ukraine if its troops continue to fail at the front.

According to the publication, the US is discussing with its allies the need to be ready for such a development. At the same time, the publication emphasized that American intelligence has no data on the direct preparation of a chemical attack by Russia.

On November 24, Oleksiy Gromov , the deputy chief of the main operational department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine , stated that intelligence at the time did not confirm the information about Russia's preparation of a chemical attack in Ukraine. "Undoubtedly, they have chemical weapons, they have RHC defense units on the territory of Ukraine that can use chemical weapons. But the intelligence currently does not confirm that the Russians are mass transporting ammunition with poisonous substances," he said.

Ukrainian tankers on the road in the Kherson region, November 14, 2022. (SJ/RFE)

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