Watch: How US created ISIS

Who created al-Qaeda and the Taliban? The United States of America (duh). Who created the ISIS? The answer is probably again the same.

The media would, however, like you to believe otherwise. They would tell you the terrorist group that just took responsibility for the dreadful attacks in Paris came into being due to the inaction of the US government. But as US journalist Ben Swann explains in his documentary ‘Truth in media: Origin of ISIS’, the ISIS is a creation of America’s “direct action” and flawed foreign policy that does nothing but destroys countries and societies, making defence contractors rich.

We must not forget that humanity is greater than politics.

Angela Keaten, the founder of, says, “We destabilised Iraq. That’s entirely the responsibility of the government of the United States. There’s no one else responsible for this. I mean Saddam Hussain’s Iraq was not unstable, it was a functioning country.”

The US, Swann explains, blew Iraq apart, destroyed the government, toppled Saddam Hussain, destroyed infrastructure and above all, left behind a power vacuum, one that would never have existed had Saddam not been overthrown by the US.

This is a historical fact, Daniel McAdams of Ron Paul Institute says, the media just won’t discuss.

Moreover, the US while leaving Iraq left all the weapons behind only to be grabbed by ISIS fighters. In Syria, the US along with other countries in the region funded and supplied the rebel Free Syrian Army with weapons so as to fight President Assad. Ironically, the same rebel fighters went on to join the ISIS.