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Ashtottaram 52) OM PANCHAŚĒLABODHITABHŨMYAI NAMAH. Wikimedia commons



पञ्चशीलबोधितभूम्यै नमः

(Pancha: Five; Śēla: Conduct; Bodhitam: That which conveys, reveals, teaches)

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Ancient seers and sages have established Yama and niyama for human progress and advancement. They are ten of each. But out of these twenty, only five are considered very practical and can be observed by anyone without feeling any restraint to live by. These five are called Pancha Śeēla meaning- 'five rules of conduct. They are 1) Satya (nonlife, truthfulness), 2) Ahimsa (non-violence), 3) Asṫeyam (non-stealing), 4) Daya (compassion, empathy), and 5) Kṣhama (endurance). These not only improve our individuality but also help to co-live in society. Children are taught about these by their parents, teachers, relatives, and even by elders in the neighborhood.

Ancient seers and sages have established Yama and niyama. Pixabay

Didactic compositions are a special feature of Sanskrit literature. Two of the more well-known works of such a type are the Panchatantra of Vishṇu Śarma and the Hitopadeśa of Nārāyaṇa. The Panchatantra (100 B.C.E) is the most celebrated and interesting work in Sanskrit literature, classed under the didactic fable group. It comprises five books or sections, each dealing with one particular tantra or rule of political conduct. It was taught by a wise teacher to the idle and stupid sons of a king at his request. The princes very soon became well-educated and well-behaved, due to the marvelous effect of the tales they heard from their preceptor. The Panchatantra is one of the most translated works in world literature.


The five rules of conduct are self-explanatory especially asṫeyam, which probably is the reason why we never occupied or robbed another land or culture in the history of mankind. We can proudly say to the world that we are the only Bhāratēyās who followed asṫeyam as preached by our ancient seers and sages. Our Vedas, Upanishads and so many other sacred scriptures taught us the five rules of conduct to follow throughout our lives.

The land which taught us the morals and rules of conduct is our motherland, the 'Panchaśēlabodhita Bhūmi'.



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