Students started protesting, after major fire broke at coaching center

After a fire broke out at a coaching facility on Thursday, students from many coaching institutes in Delhi's Mukherjee Nagar protested and blocked the street. In an effort to escape a fire, students were observed breaking windows, hanging from ropes, and using ladders in Delhi.
Fire incident in Pedong back in 2015. (Wikimedia Commons)
Fire incident in Pedong back in 2015. (Wikimedia Commons)

According to news agency ANI, 50 of the 61 patients who were admitted to the three hospitals have since been discharged.

At 12:27 pm, the fire station received a call about a fire, and approximately 11 fire trucks went to the scene, according to Delhi Fire Service Director Atul Garg.

"10 to 12 pupils were injured slightly while using ropes to descend the building. There is no significant cause. All of the pupils have been saved. According to Garg, everyone is secure.

Fire incident in Pedong back in 2015. (Wikimedia Commons)
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The accident site was examined and documented shortly after the incident by the district crime team and forensic team of FSL, Rohini, Delhi.

According to the early investigation, the building's ground-floor metre board served as the fire's origin. The police station in Mukherjee Nagar has received a case, and additional investigation is ongoing, according to the report.

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, described the situation as "extremely regrettable" and tweeted, "Some kids have suffered minor injuries while trying to flee, but the rest are safe. There is no need for concern. The fire department has put the fire under control. At the location, the district administration is also present.

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