Desi Twitter for all Hindi buffs: ‘मूषक’

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By Manas Dwivedi

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Bhopal: Technology is rapidly changing the face of language, especially the way it is written on Internet. In the world of growing social media influence where information moves faster than any other source, a new discovery is lucrative to all Hindi lovers which is also a reason to cheer about. A social networking platform has been developed exclusively in Hindi. The platform named ‘Mooshak’ has recently been launched during the 10th World Hindi Conference concluding today in Bhopal.

Believed to be inspired by twitter, Mooshak is a global board from where one can connect socially and look what is happening around just like any other social networking platform. Mooshak enables you to write up to 500 characters (considerably more than Twitter’s 140 credentials) and express your thoughts purely in Hindi.

Mooshak can also be termed as ‘Hindi Twitter’ where you can have your own handle in Devnagri script to post. Interface of the website is also quite similar to twitter, where you can follow others and see their public posts.

Mooshak is a humble attempt to show how easy it is to write in the language we emote, away from the laziness we show while writing Hindi online. Mooshak is a very significant step in encouraging Hindi as a language and promoting online interaction. With the growing universal demand and rapid westernization, Hindi is slowly losing its shine among people as a writing medium. Though Hindi is widely spoken in major parts of the country, efforts of promoting Hindi have been considerably low.

Mooshak as an online medium would help Hindi and Devnagri garner an identity on social media as well as extend its reach among youth. For all those who still are unable to use social networking due to language barrier, Mooshak is a wonderful way to experience the online world of information.

Mooshak has an app too, which can easily be downloaded from Google Playstore. All accounts on Mooshak require a phone number to register, which makes trolling difficult. It also facilitates you to upload images, audio and video as well.

Based in Pune and developed by Mooshak Technologies, this desi twitter excels in other aspects too.

Mooshak’s homepage apart from being colorful, mesmerizes the vision with some vibrant visuals related to Indian tradition and culture. Different speech balloons above traditionally attired Indians, too instantly catches attention. Entirely in Hindi it asks you to register in the same language only.

App homepage
App homepage

A major support is provided by a tool ‘transliteration’ which converts your information typed in English to Hindi. The tool is the most important feature which lets you write Hindi even without completely knowing it.

The name ‘मूषक’ also carries a significance importance in Indian mythology. Literally meaning ‘mouse’ in English, it originally comes from Sanskrit. The name rings a bell, as mouse is a quick and witty creature, likewise Mooshak as a social media platform also aims in the same way to compete twitter. The logo of Mooshak too has contains Hindi initial ‘म’. Another thing which draws curiosity is the tag line, ‘बोलेगा_भारत’ which inspires every Indian to speak and express.

The portal is completely developed in India under the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Although very new in the league of big social media honchos, Mooshak is yet to achieve fame and popularity. It was imperative to have a social media platform in Hindi, India’s mother tongue.

Mooshak will do wonders in filling that communication gap which becomes a big barrier between a non-Hindi native and an English savvy individual. With Hindi Divas around the corner, there cannot be a better tribute than this to our mother language.

The 10th World Hindi Conference was organised in Bhopal, from September 10 to 12. Ministry of External Affairs, in partnership with the Madhya Pradesh government, organised the event.