What is Constipation and 5 ways to get rid of it

What is Constipation and 5 ways to get rid of it

Have you ever felt grumpy for several days? Been snappy all day long and just couldn't tolerate anyone around? However, you could never have divulged the true reason behind it, right. Yes, stomach problems are real and it creates a lot of problems in our daily lives.

Although, there's a misconception. People often relate to digestive problems as the inability to keep the food inside the stomach and uncontrollable pain and frequent visits to the washroom. However, they forget one of the truest enemies of the body – Constipation.

A study showed that, in India, close to 22% of the population suffers from Constipation. Hence, you are definitely not the only one with this problem. Now before we go on to finding the remedies to the problem, we must first identify what the problem is, clinically.

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What is Constipation?

It usually varies from people to people. I am sure that you and your friend will definitely have a different excretion schedule. While some are fairly regular with it, some are extremely irregular.

Feeling the urge that something's stuck in your Stomach is a symptom of Constipation. Pexels

When you find yourself in a situation just like this where you are unable to excrete on a schedule, you may realize that you are in the early stages of constipation.

The following symptoms are notorious to Constipation:

  • Your bowel movements are limited to 3 or less in a week.
  • Your bowels are usually hard and lumpy and you suffer a lot of pain in the washroom.
  • You always feel the urge that something's stuck in your Stomach.
  • You always feel the urge to go to the washroom but never feel satisfied, at all.

If you have ever felt at least one of these, that's my friend when you have realized that you might be suffering from constipation.

So what could be the reasons to blame?

Well, there can be a lot of reasons why you can be facing constipation. Some of the widely spoken reasons are listed out below:

  • You have a poor and irregular diet coupled with skipping meals.
  • You may have a muscular problem along with issues in the colon.
  • You can also be subjected to a digestive problem with respect to the organs involved in the same.
  • You may also be taking a lot of medications, which list constipation as a side-effect.

Since you have identified the problem, and isolated some of the reasons why you may be experiencing constipation, it is high time we find a solution to this underrated problem.

Drinking water is really important for staying on top of the bowel movements. Pexels

Staying Hydrated

A lot of times, we have seen that people don't drink water in appropriate quantities. Although water is life and water give life, we still deprive our bodies of it. Hence, as a result, our bowel movements start becoming irregular and we tend to start facing the early stages.

Hence, drinking water is really important for staying on top of the bowel movements. Water acts as a natural agent in the process of digestion, and also acts as a swift medium for a regular bowel movement.

It is like a river, if there is adequate flow of water, it will carry rocks and boulders along with it, or else, they will be static in the stream.

Having a fibre-rich diet

Salads and roughage play a very important role in terms of bowel movement. It may not have a great nutritious effect; however, it cleanses your body from its impurities and facilitates regular bowel movement.

Please make sure you include a lot of cucumbers, carrots, and lettuce in your diet and also ensure that it is a regular member of your diet, along with fruits and green vegetables.

Saying No to Meat for a while

If you are a meat lover and tend to have a high protein diet, it will be advisable that you cut down the portion of meat intake as meat and a high protein diet can often lead to constipation.

We Indians, love to eat our food and we prefer cooking it with a lot of spices and oil. It becomes difficult for our digestive systems to play a role, just like a football team unable to find goals when their entire opponent is all out for defense.

Get out of the couch and do some basic exercises, go for a walk, or just do some free-hand exercises. Pexels

Keep doing little exercises

The pandemic and the resultant lockdown has ensured that we do not get much time to venture outside. Hence, we are stuck at home and we are spending most of our time on the laptop, on a couch.

Get out of the couch and do some basic exercises, go for a walk, or just do some free-hand exercises. This will help with your bowel movements.

Try Medicines

If you still see your health condition worsening, it's best to consult a doctor and consume medicines. Constipation medicines usually do not have any side effects if consumed in a stipulated quantity. However, it is still best to visit your family doctor and seek advice.

Some of the most widely used constipation medicines with effective results are herbal laxatives like Senna or syrups like Cremaffin.

Armed with all these tips and tricks, the onus is on you to make it a regular habit and ensure that you follow them strictly… only then you can bid goodbye to constipation, quickly!

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