Healthy Food Alternatives For Festival Season By Soha Ali Khan

Healthy Food Alternatives For Festival Season By Soha Ali Khan

Actress Soha Ali Khan is opting for healthy food alternatives during the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, to fully enjoy the festival.

The first thing she is doing is replacing sugar with jaggery.

"As everyone knows, sugar is the refined product of sugarcane whereas jaggery is a more natural and less processed sweetener. As a child, my mom was particular to instill a sense of consciousness in my brother and me, and seeing her I have imbibed some of the same qualities," she said.

There are more than hundreds of different varieties of sweets made in different states in India. Most of the Indian sweets are made of milk, rice, coconut, besan or chickpea flour and semolina. Unsplash

She added: "I am very conscious about what my family and I eat, and its health quotient. Hence, during festivals, one thing that I do is replace sugar with jaggery for all sweets that are prepared at home, and even as the sweetener we use for drinks consumed at home. Adding jaggery to the diet may help boost the body's metabolism and gradually helps burn fat, which is an added benefit. Besides this, I also prefer jaggery over white sugar as it helps cleanse the body by flushing out toxins."

Soha feels it is easy to get carried away, during festivals.

"The best way to avoid that is by making sure your spread includes healthy foods like almonds, which are a great snack to munch on any time of the day and they have health benefits across weight and diabetes management, heart and skin health. And with all the festivities abuzz, it's important to also keep energy levels up," she said.

The actress also suggests alternatives like exotic fruits.

"Another good way of avoiding sweets during the festivities is by replacing conventional sweet dishes with fresh fruit or berries like mulberries. I personally make sure I keep a plate of mulberries, as the dessert course because they are a healthier choice. Consuming berries or fruits after a meal will satiate your sugar craving without adding many unwanted calories," said the mother of one. (IANS)

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