Perfect Hairstyle Tips for the Festive Celebrations

Perfect Hairstyle Tips for the Festive Celebrations

It's Durga Puja time! It's the most awaited period of the year for many of us. And if you are among the ones who have been looking forward to the fun and frolic that Durga Puja brings along, you must already be prepping up for the celebrations.

Along with clothes and makeup, hairstyles are always important, we often forget that hair needs to be prepared and nourished to achieve that perfect look.

So, if you don't want to end up doing the basic hairstyle every time and reduce your stress, Agnes Chen, National Technical Head Streax Professional shares styling tips and tricks that will help you take your fashion quotient a notch above the rest:

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Start the festive season with a good haircut

To achieve a perfect hair look for the puja season, always go for a good haircut as it gives proper design and shape to your hair and helps to remove dry and rough ends. You can choose from haircuts like Neck-length Bob cut, Textured layered haircut, Lob haircut depending upon your hair length and texture.

Pamper your hair with a hair spa

To truly make your mane your crowning glory this puja season, pamper your hair with a deep conditioning or go for a good hair spa service. You can also try the olive hair spa from Streax Professional, which will make your hair soft, smooth, and nourished.

Puja celebrations is the best time to recreate your look by popping up some of your preferred choice of hair color. Pixabay

Be style ready with your hair

Prepare your hair a day before important days. Ensure your hair is clean and style-ready with best-suited shampoo and conditioner for up styling. For styling hair, it is best to wash your tresses one day before the event day to easily style them, without wasting much time on drying them. Also, on the second-day hair is easy to style.

Stand out with vibrant color strands

Puja celebrations are the best time to recreate your look by popping up some of your preferred choice of hair color. Try out trendy, vibrant hair hues like pink, violet, blue and other shades from the same range. You also choose from a wide range of reds, browns, and blondes to get that subtle look. You can also try the award-winning, Streax Professional funky color vibrant range of blues, violets, greens & pinks for some styling to get a perfect look as hair color always makes you look different.

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To hold the look use styling spray

Always use a styling spray to secure the look and styling you gave to your hair and to ensure that styling stays in place for a longer time. Enjoy your time with your close ones without stressing about your tresses.

Adorn your hair with natural flowers

The best one to up-style your hair is just by embellishing with real flowers and secure it with your choice of hair accessories. These simple tricks will give that extra styling to your hair.

So there it is tricks that will definitely help you look your fashionable best this festive season. These handy tips are worth a try for all the girls our there waiting for the celebrations to begin! (IANS)

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