Ayushmann Khurana Is Committed To End Violence Against Children

Ayushmann Khurana Is Committed To End Violence Against Children

Friday is World Children's Day, and on occasion actor Ayushmann Khurrana stated that violence against children happens every day and he is committed to ending it.

He feels there is an urgent need to protect the future generation.

"We know Covid-19 has not been easy for anyone, especially children, making them more vulnerable to violence. We can prevent this by being aware of and protecting those ones around us. And as men and boys, we have a responsibility to be better role models because we know, often, it is we men who are perpetrators of violence. As a UNICEF celebrity advocate, I am committed to ending violence against children," he said.

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"Children deserve to live free from violence. Children's rights are human rights, violence has terrible consequences for children, affecting them physically and mentally. The effects can last their lifetime and can destroy the child's chance to live a happy, healthy life," he said.

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"Violence against children happens every day — at home, in school, and on the move, on the streets, online and in the community. It happens in both wealthy and poor families. Most often, the perpetrators are people, children trust," added Ayushmann Khurana.

He calls for ending the stigma and taboo associated with violence against children.

"Violence against children is often hidden, and not reported. Children don't speak up and parents, even if they know may not report. Sexual abuse is often accompanied by stigma, the reasons children and parents shy away from reporting," Ayushmann Khurana said.

"Another unfortunate aspect of violence against children is that violence breeds violence. Children who grow up seeing and experiencing violence often perpetuate violence" added Ayushmann, UNICEF's Celebrity Advocate for their global campaign EVAC (Ending Violence Against Children). (IANS)

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