Featherweight Jeans Are The Latest Offerings That Intersects Style And Comfort

Featherweight Jeans Are The Latest Offerings That Intersects Style And Comfort

A quality pair of jeans is a crucial wardrobe must-have for the modern man: classic, effortless, and eternally cool. This basic denim has evolved over the years and comes in various shapes and forms to make men comfortable.

Featherweight jeans are the latest offerings that intersect style and comfort. Homegrown menswear brand Avadat studio recently launched their featherweight jeans collection. As the name suggests these jeans are 40 percent lighter than the regular ones in the market and are super stretchy, said Shaan Shan, COO of Avadat Studio.

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The fit is meant to be tapered and adjusts itself to the body's shape, making it super stylish yet comfortable. Although jeans were created to keep in mind the western culture, meaning that it was made for was completely different weather than the Indian weather.

Shah said: "Our featherweight jeans directly solved this issue, and made the denim with heavy stretch and extremely light fabric."

Denim has evolved over the years. Pixabay

Denim is, in fact, a very breathable material. So, the denim weight matters because it maximizes breathability and wearability. Despite the softness and comfort, these jeans still manage to retain their durability, he said.

The added benefits of featherweight jeans are the stretch and construction for increased movement which helps hiking, biking, and even an active morning commute. The brand claims that one can easily do sumo squats or even workout in the gym as it provides the same comfort as joggers.

They offer a variety of denim washes like light blue, black, indigo, and dark blue giving multiple styling options for every type of dressing. This denim can be dressed up or down and can be easily styled for dapper looks.

Shah suggested: "Team light blue denims with a basic white t-shirt for a quick stylish and fuss-free look. The darker color denim-like black and indigo are for a sleek and powerful appearance that fits right into the workplace, pair it with a crew neck sweater or dress shirt for a distinguished outfit." (IANS)

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