Lockdown Needn’t Stifle Intimacy And Sexual Activity

Lockdown Needn’t Stifle Intimacy And Sexual Activity

It comes as a little surprise that global restrictions have put a lot of pressure on sexual relationships. New statistics reported by Healthline show a widespread depression in libido as couples deal with the stress and anxiety of the world today and single people are unable to go out and find new partners. Lockdown has created conditions that make intimacy and sexual activity difficult, but that doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. Quite the opposite: there are ways for people in the lockdown rut to find a way out and rediscover their mojo – starting with an exploration of their own self.

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Utilizing free time

One benefit of the new normal is an increase in free time. Americans already had a bit more free time than usual, with Rand noting that number to be about five hours each day. With the commute gone, that now rises to seven or eight hours, and that provides time for the average person to learn about themselves. The best place to start is with yourself. Gaining an understanding of your sexual preferences and desires can not only help you to identify when you feel in need of activity, but it can make you savor that activity in the knowledge that you know how to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent. A great place to start is with toys for self-stimulation, which can be bought online but can also be safely fashioned at home using household goods.

Take steps to reduce stress, such as regular exercise activity, deep breathing exercises. Pixabay

Healthy activity

Self-discovery is important, but what about couples – or singles with the opportunity to date? Stress levels in the USA are at an all-time high, with the APA recording a huge 71% of Americans experiencing existential stress. This creates both the impact of reducing the desire for sexual activity, as well as raising the specter of issues in the bedroom. It's important to understand this connection, and how addressing it can improve libido. Take steps to reduce stress, such as regular exercise activity, deep breathing exercises, and meditation. You may find your libido returns much sooner than expected.

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Maintaining good habits

Mental health and libido is not a fleeting issue or one that can be solved with a single afternoon of action. It's a lifetime pursuit that benefits from consistent mental wellbeing upkeep, a shared understanding between partners, or indeed an understanding of yourself and how to make sure you're in a good mental state. This is tough amid lockdown, but there are ways to counter it. Incidentally, a healthy love life – again, whether partnered or not – is associated with good mental health. That's a symbiotic relationship that will help you to bring joy into your everyday activities.

Conquering your libido and going to new heights is a matter of resilience. It's looking at yourself, understanding your needs and desires, and making a conscious connection to your mental health – and that of your partner, if you have one. Taking this holistic view of your wellbeing will help you to feel relaxed, and sexually fulfilled, once again.

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