5 Tips On Running A Successful Push Notification Campaign

5 Tips On Running A Successful Push Notification Campaign

By Yulia Vekilyan

The market of push notifications is not new. As marketers have been using it for several years already, its effectiveness has gone down. According to the Accengage 2018 report, opt-in rates for app push notifications on Android are 91.1%, and on IOS the number goes down to 43.9%. Moreover, Clevertap reports that an average US smartphone receives 46 push notifications per day. These statistics raise the following question: how to make push notifications them less annoying and more effective? Here are 5 tips that can help you run a successful web push notifications campaign for your business.

  1. Get subscribers.

You need to gain a substantial subscriber base for your push campaign to be effective. Announce to your social media followers and your mailing list that you are launching push notifications feature on your website. Next time they visit your website, there is a probability that they will allow the push notifications, which will be a start for your list of subscribers.

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2. Identify and track key marketing metrics.

Based on your marketing strategy, choose your key marketing metrics to keep track of during your campaign. Many push notifications platforms have a dashboard with statistics. For example, SmartPush has an interactive dashboard with all key performance statistics and other data. Besides, it provides reports on campaign delivery and performance.

There are many options for scheduling, depending on the message. Pixabay

3. Schedule your messages.

Imagine you visit a site for the first time. You have no idea what it is about or what product it is offering. You don't want to be bombarded with messages asking you to subscribe to notifications of a random company, right? As a website owner, always consider when push notifications will be time for your visitors. Besides, you can also customize notification settings by country and time zones.

There are many options for scheduling, depending on the message. You can set up your opt-in notification to appear after your user has browsed your website for a while. The visitor may also decline the opt-in message, but don't worry. There are other opportunities to change the situation. Discounts and sales can also be attractive for potential subscribers or leads.

4. Customize your push notifications.

Push notification services allow you to create custom segments. Customize the messages according to different segments.

Push notification services allow you to create custom segments. Pixabay

  1. a) Make them visually appealing, add visuals and icons.
  2. b) Prepare several titles to see which one works better.
  3. c) Make your text concise and to the point.
  4. Make your message attractive to your audience.

Spark an emotional response. Based on your target market and segments, compose your message in a way that will attract your visitors. Additionally, consider your notification within your overall marketing strategy and make sure it fits. Use a clear call-to-action so that users know what to do.

Pro Tip: Don't spam.

Send only meaningful messages. Remember that your subscribers are only a few clicks away from unsubscribing if they get annoyed because of spam notifications.

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