9 useful YouTube marketing tactics you must know

Video marketing is one of the most successful forms of content marketing.
Video marketing is one of the most successful forms of content marketing.
Video marketing is one of the most successful forms of content marketing.SCBY (Wikimedia Commons)

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Video marketing is one of the most successful forms of content marketing. The reason is quite simple, visuals appeal to us and stay with us longer than written or audio content. That's why companies spend a huge amount of money on video ads on different platforms.

YouTube is one of the most preferred websites for video marketing. It has billions of users worldwide, which makes it easier for brands to reach out to huge audiences. However, since most companies use it for their marketing gimmick, it takes something different to stand out in the crowd.

While you can buy YouTube subscribers from the best sites for creating engagement on your channel with ease, growing organically has a different appeal. In this article, we'll discuss the 9 most useful YouTube marketing tactics that you should give a try:

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1. Do some branding for your channel

YouTube is popular as it provides visual treats to the users. So it goes without saying that apart from your content, your channel too should look appealing. You need to brand it properly so that it attracts more users with ease.

Branding includes selecting a thumbnail for your video, cover for your channel, video background, how you start and finish your videos, etc., basically its aesthetic appeal.

2. Engage with your community

You hear this everywhere and it is so because it is really important. You need people and therefore you need to make sure that you value them. There are thousands of brands out there trying to grab as many people as they can, so customer retention is really important.

You can engage with them either in comments or ask them what they would want from you and incorporate that in your videos. People like being involved and ultimately it will ensure that they stay with you in the long run.

3. Organize your content

When you are looking for a certain video on youtube and you find all the relatable ones in one place, it's the best feeling, isn't it? You don't have to look for things again and again. This is called organizing similar content in one place.

You can create different playlists for the different content that you post as it'll make the lives of your users easier when they are looking for something and also ultimately attract more people to your channel.

4. Focus on content value

While you are going ahead with a content idea, think about what value is it going to add to your audience. Is it interesting? Will it make them think in any way? Video marketing is all about influencing customers without making it obvious. It is to move them to take action.

A huge amount of content is churned and shared on these platforms every day. You need to think outside the box and come up with something that has some value.

5. Include a call to action

Since video marketing is all about making people buy your products or services, you should always include a CTA i.e., call-to-action at the end of your videos. You can direct your users to subscribe, like, and comment.

In addition to this, you can also ask them to visit your website and provide the link for the same.

6. Do cross-promotion

Making it big on a new website is a difficult task. One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good head start is by engaging people who already follow you on different websites. You can ask your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat followers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Cross-promotion ensures that your content reaches several people via different platforms at once and helps you in increasing your user base on YouTube.

Representative Image
Representative Image

Video marketing is one of the most successful forms of content marketing.Unsplash

7. Team up with other channels

Partnering with other channels is another effective way of increasing your followers. You must have seen how influencers on Instagram collaborate to make one amazing video. The same can be done on YouTube too.

Target the channel that already has a huge following and creates content that your business can relate to.

8. Experiment with different ideas

No idea is too small. While it is important to maintain consistency with what you are posting, going the unconventional way never hurts. You must always experiment with new ideas as people are always on the outlook for unique content.

If you are out of ideas, you can always jump to your comment section. People always have something good to suggest and taking up their idea might sometimes turn out to be better than expected.

9. Optimize your video titles

The importance of keywords is paramount when it comes to content marketing in any form. Be it any blog or YouTube, keywords are the key to reaching more audiences with ease.

Search the keywords that are most commonly used in your industry and the type of videos that you intend to make and use them in your title so that it pops up when people are looking for it. You can also add these keywords to your description.


YouTube has evolved as one of the biggest content marketing websites for brands. People brainstorm ideas every day to come up with something unique that will make them stand out. While content is the key to everything, there are other things mentioned above that you can use to create more engagement on your YouTube channel.

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