God does not play dice with the universe

God does not play dice with 
the universe

By Salil Gewali

The infinite cosmos and its creation are still a complete mystery. No philosopher has yet been able to fathom this uncanny creative phenomenon. The scientists are still exploring with their very limited tools. But what is as clear as daylight is that it is governed by the SUPER intelligent POWER. It does not make mistakes. Again, as inhabitants of this dot-like planet earth in the cosmos, we humans can normally live for a maximum of 100 years. Before that any moment our end may come. We are very vulnerable all through. The angry "uncertainty" and natural catastrophes always stare us in the face. The COVID-19 reinforced this inescapable truth.

Nevertheless, when we are here, we are almost FREE to act as we like. We may use our "brutal might" to inflict harm and hurt others, or we can open our hearts and comfort the aggrieved ones. If one does good to others, certainly he would be rewarded in good time by that Super intelligent POWER. Yes, this is one of the fundamental "beliefs" of almost all religions existing on this planet. All spiritual leaders always preach that man should always strive for becoming more compassionate, humbler and more truthful in life.

But, on the other hand, what would be the consequences if we hurt others? Will we not get hurt back at any point of time as a reward? Certainly, we will get hurt back in several ways, our bad deeds will haunt us in various ways. We may have one style of hurting our fellow brothers, but NATURE has "infinite ways" of hurting us. Even Newton's third law says — "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Newton only spoke for the physical world while Indian seers realized this law working in the spiritual realm more than eight thousand years ago.

All philosophers have concluded that we are nothing but the "resultant outcome" of our past deeds. Every action of ours finally determines our destiny, also of next life. Unlike other animals, we are intelligent beings. So, NATURE invariably "expects" us to watch each action we do, each idea we think upon. Will we have our future pleasant if we bruise others' hearts by bearing malice against them? No, not at all. Our deliberate violence and atrocities against the innocent will rebound on us. The mighty ones who have orchestrated farmer agitation, the bloodbath of CAA in India and frequent terror attacks by inciting fanatic mobsthat leave the countless innocent killed, will doubtlessly face the harsher punishment. The hammer of laws of karma will fall hard on them. They can escape the police lathi, they can escape the punishment awarded by the court of justice, but they cannot escape the laws of nature. It surely cuts them to size. It does not just end there. The accumulated karma decides one's next life.

Of course, for our narrow pursuit and wrong ambition, we may have become "blind" to universal rules and ethics. Amid the materialistic mission, we easily lose our human compassion; we cheaply sell our inherent virtues as trading commodities. But it is inevitable that our abusive and unrighteous acts always take up the space of our minds. Our deliberate misdeed and ill-will towards others go to contaminate our thought process, ultimately making us WEAK. This again will eat at our spiritual strength. Though we attempt to avoid all kinds of earthly retribution, the guilt of our wrongful actions unmistakably weighs us down. Unarguably, most of the retributive consequences we face in life cannot be understood by us, but Mother Nature never spares us. We are fully accountable for our thoughts and actions and receive the fruits accordingly. Nature creation is infallible. Perhaps that is why the great thinker Albert Einstein once quipped – 'God does not play dice with the universe.'

Those who "sincerely" smile at you, you must smile back at them. If possible, apply healing balm upon their injuries. This act of compassion surely takes you near to HIM than your religion. Come what may, you must learn to make peace with nature and her wonderful creation.

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