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IITian and IPS Officer Vineet Agarwal. Twitter

IPS and IITian Vineet Agarwal is a highly lauded contemporary genre author. He has also been awarded the President’s Police Medal for his excellent service. Romance of a Naxalite and On the Eve of Kalyug are two of his works. His third book is ‘Hinduism Beyond Ritualism’ published by The Write Place has garnered a lot of attention.

A significant number of people with a scholarly inclination are interested in learning more about Hinduism. However, the theory of secular values has prohibited the learning of Hindu scriptures in the school and university systems. This book explains Hinduism’s core concepts and explores various ideas raised by Indian scholars centuries ago and are well described in manuscripts such as the Upanishads.

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The aim of this book is to bring together the numerous definitions that generally constitute Hinduism. Without any prolonged explanation, the ancient Hindu scriptures and Upanishads have been clarified concisely. There are no oversimplifications in this book, and no effort is made to construct sense in order to sway the readers in any direction. Multiple-choice questions on the key topics are included at the end of each chapter to aid comprehension and pique readers’ interest.

In his book launch event, Vineet Agarwal stated, “In Hinduism, we have more stress on rituals. But there is much more besides rituals. There is a lot of cosmology in it, it has astrology, it has epistemology. It has many universal truths which do not change with time. In Hinduism, there are basic fundamentals of life, such as how the mind works, how the body works, and how to control the ego.”

“I have not written anything in it of my own accord. Whatever is available in Sanskrit, I have explained the same. I have tried to explain in fewer words,” he further stated.

This book has received a lot of attention on various media platforms, with everyone from corporate India CEOs to well-known politicians and movie stars discussing it. The latest book by an IPS officer is a hit. ‘Hinduism Beyond Ritualism’ has captivated well-known figures such as Anand Mahindra, Subramanian Swamy, Amish Tripathi, Shobha De, and others.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he’s been reading Vineet Agarwal’s latest book. He was fascinated not only by the title of the novel but also by the author who appears to be a Renaissance Cop, he stated. He went on to say, “Belongs to the IPS cadre, but also holds an IIT degree! His investigative skills are assisting him in uncovering the foundational beliefs of his religion.”

Subramanian Swamy, an Indian politician, tweeted that he was reading “Hinduism Beyond Ritualism” by Vineet Agarwal, a senior IPS officer in the Maharashtra State Government. and is also a graduate of IIT Delhi.

“Must read since it demystifies Hindu concepts,” he further stated.

Author Amish Tripathi, who is best known for his books Shiva Trilogy, The Immortals of Meluha, The Secret of the Nagas, and others, said he had been enjoying the incisive and perceptive book for the past several days.

“Hinduism has always been an awe-inspiring concept for scholars from all over the world…”, he said, quoting from the introduction of the scholarly book.

Shoba De, an Indian novelist and columnist known for Starry Night, Socialite Evening, and other works, also took to Twitter to congratulate Vineet Agarwal on his thought-provoking third book. She said, “When a top cop writes a thought-provoking third book….!”

“Well-researched, provocative, and immensely readable!” she added.

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Hinduism is currently presented as the heritage of an ancient civilization, and its significance seems to be dwindling. Vineet Agarwal’s book gets to the heart of Hindu scriptures and is a wonderful homage to Hinduism, as much effort went into extracting the spirit of the Upanishads. His book, ‘Hinduism Beyond Ritualism,’ is a brilliant compilation of Hindu principles and ideologies, encapsulating the essence of Hinduism.

By- Khushi Bisht



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