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Depiction of Lord Vishwakarma. Wikimedia Commons

By- Khushi Bisht

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishwakarma (All Accomplishing) also known as Swayambhu Brahman (Self-manifested) is regarded as the Divine Architect of the world. ‘Vishwakarma Suktam’ of the ‘Krishna Yajurveda’ states that Vishwakarma constructed ‘Brahmanda’ (the universe), which includes all the Deities and Demons and is attached to his navel via a receptacle. The Rig Veda uses the very same picture to depict him as the Ultimate Reality, from whose navel all the things emerge.

Lord Vishwakarma is described as the chief architect of the universe. His various architectural marvels are well-documented in Hindu mythology. He had constructed numerous cities and palaces for the gods over the four yugas. As a result, he is also called Devashilpi (Lord’s architect).

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Lord Vishwakarma is described as the chief architect of the universe. Pixabay

He built towns and palaces such as Golden Lanka, Hastinapur, Indraprastha, Dwarka, and Alkapuri.

Golden Lanka: According to legend, Vishwakarma erected the mythical Golden Lanka for Shiva and Parvati, which eventually fell into the hands of Kubera (the god of wealth) and then Ravana when he toppled Kubera during the Treta Yuga.

Hastinapur: Lord Vishwakarma is claimed to have constructed Hastinapur, the capital city of Mahabharata’s battling families, the Kauravas, and Pandavas.

Indraprastha: Lord Vishwakarma erected Indraprastha for the Pandavas on the western bank of the Yamuna River at the orders of Shri Krishna. This arid area was formerly known as Khandavprastha. According to mythology, the palace’s flooring was so well-crafted that it reflected like water and the pond and pools created the appearance of a smooth surface without any water.

The golden abode of Asura King Ravana. Wikimedia Commons

Dwarka: Lord Krishna’s capital, Dwarka, is one of the numerous mythological cities Viswakarma created. Although Lord Krishna was born in Mathura, he considered Dwarka as his Karma Bhoomi (workplace).

Alkapuri: Kubera, the God of Wealth, went to Vishwakarma to assist him in finding a place to dwell after he became the God of Wealth. Lord Vishwakarma, then constructed Alkapuri, a splendid city atop the Mandara mountain.

In addition to all the towns and palaces, he is also said to be the creator of heaven. Gods’ chariots and weapons were also manufactured by Lord Vishwakarma.

The Pushpaka vimana flying in the sky. Wikimedia Commons

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Pushpak Viman (An airplane with flowers): When Kubera was impotent, Vishwakarma made him a flying chariot that would allow him to travel anywhere he wanted according to his commands.

Vijaya Dhanush (Victory Bow): Vishwakarma created the Vijaya bow for Indra, who used it for a while before giving it to Lord Parshurama, who used it in his battles, and then gave to his pupil Karna. Following Karm’s death, Lord Parshurama regained possession of the bow.

Hindu God Indra riding on Airavata carrying a vajra. This weapon is made of the bones of Maharshi Dadhichi according to Hindu mythology. Wikimedia Commons

Vajra: Indraloka was once possessed by a demon called Vrita. He had received a blessing from Lord Brahma that he would not be slain by any weapon formed of Pancha Tatva (Five Elements) or wood. Because of this, it became really difficult for Gods to slay Vrita. Ultimately, Lord Indra sought assistance from Lord Vishnu, who recommended defeating Vrita using a weapon constructed from a sage’s spine. Finally from the bones of sage Dadhichi, Lord Vishwakarma created Indra’s divine weapon, Vajra.

Lord Vishwakarma is highly revered by Hindus as the “God of architecture and engineering.” As a result, on the day of Vishwakarma Jayanti, engineers and artisans often shut their workplaces and worship their tools and equipment with Lord Vishwakarma.



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