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Picture of Indian currency. Flickr

December 24, 2016: Students from Banaras University launched a campaign in the university to encourage people to use digital payment methods for their transactions inside the campus. The administration has been installing PoS (Point of Sale) machines at the hospital for cashless transactions.

The campaign is in coordination with the Digital India program of the Indian government that was started to transform India into a digitally empowered society.

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The ‘Mera Mobile Mera Batua’ campaign was launched yesterday by the students, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked people to use electronic payment methods.

The BHU administration has installed 15 PoS machines at different register counters in the hospitals to ease the transactions process for the patients.

Machines have also been installed at the medicine shops inside the Sir Sunder Lal Hospital and the Trauma Centre campus.

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According to PTI, State Bank of India gave 35 machines to the administration for the campaign. 20 of them have been installed at the hospitals and the remaining 15 are installed at the registration counters to charge fees from the patients.

It is a great step towards the formation of a ‘Faceless, Paperless and Cashless’ society.

Prepared by Diksha Arya of NewsGram. Twitter: @diksha_arya53


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