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November 30, 2016: In spite of being the No. 1 male artist in Bollywood, the hugely celebrated Arijit Singh states that singers normally have a shelf-life of around 5 or 6 years. If that norm keeps on, there is probability that even he may not be able to stay for a long period.

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“I don’t think I have a long way to go. This might be my last year,” stated the 29-year-old singer to Mid Day, hinting at the short shelf-life of the artists of Bollywood. “Normally fresh voices replace (current favorites) every 5 to 7 years in Bollywood.”

Before the “Phir Le Aya Dil” hit maker can be prompted any further, Singh provides a solution. “I might be able to change that,” he says. He adds further, “If I work really hard on specific genres, I might be able to stay longer. That way I can emerge as the only singer who can croon songs of those genres. Maybe that’s how I will survive.”

Singh has lamented about those survival skills over the years. In spite of emerging as a strong contender in the famous reality singing show of 2005- ‘Fame Gurukul’, fame appeared to him after certain obstacles. He struggled hard for a break in the industry as a playback singer and in the process, had to assist composers Pritam and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy for six years before bagging his first song ‘Phir Mohabbat’ in the movie ‘Murder 2’ of 2011.

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Ever since the singer has crafted his very own path to success. He is one of the most celebrated, loved and sought-after voices in Bollywood. He is also going to be a part of the starry line-up at the multi-genre music festival ‘Enchanted Valley Carnival’ on 17th and 18th December.

Even though he is an inspiration and an idol for the aspiring singers in the nation, Arijit says he has a long way to go. “I want to be more informed about music technology in the coming years,” he was quoted as saying to Mid Day.

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No matter how celebrated he is, Singh often keeps an arm’s distance from the media. When asked the reason, he stated, “I enjoy a quiet life, without much interruption.” “Over the past three years, I have seen my fan base grow, and I think it’s essential for them to know that I’ve always been someone who refrains from interactions because I enjoy a silent life. With the growth of social media, this, too, becomes difficult,” according to Mid Day report.

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