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Drought. Pixabay

WUHAN – Severe drought in Central China’s Hubei province over the past three weeks has caused drinking water shortages for 237,000 people, local authorities said Saturday. The province received average precipitation of 10.5 mm since the beginning of the month, only 10 percent of the normal volume, the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said….repubhubembed{display:none;}



God and Goddess

By- Devakinanda


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Olympic game

By- Ewan

Xander Schauffele held off the late challenges from the chasing pack, none more so than Rory Sabbatini of Slovakia — who got without a single stroke of the American — to win a gold medal in the men's individual golf tournament at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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Needless to say that staying at home and learning are the biggest incompatibilities.

By- Kelly

Today, e-learning is one of the best alternatives for studying despite quarantine restrictions. Still, it has its own flaws, which are noticeable during the long-term experience. From one point, students learn to be independent and prepare their homework without extra help. Usually, everyone can buy essays for sale online and prepare for classes efficiently. And from the other point, online learning demands the highest responsibility. Let's find out why the face-to-face educational process is still more productive.

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