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'Goose' was a common term used for adulterors

The nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander is filled with multiple meanings. It is another one of those rhymes believed to have emerged from the time of great persecution in England during the Reformation. It also holds a contemporary, colloquial meaning.

The original verse goes something like this:

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wikimedia commons

An illustration of the rhyme Three Blind Mice

The Reformation in England is notorious for the religious impact it had on the countries of the world, and the current ongoing dispute among the various factions of Catholicism and Protestantism. Three Blind Mice, a rhyme that emerged in 1609, roughly a few years after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, is somewhat a dark reminder of the Dark Ages.

The Reformation began in England when King Henry VIII broke away from the Catholic church because he wanted to divorce his wife, to marry another woman who would bear him a male heir. His wife was a devout catholic and refused to give up her crown to another. The king decided to break away from the Papacy, from Rome, where the Catholic church reigned from. He created the Church of England, and put himself as the legal head. England broke into two factions based on religion, and after Henry's death, the country was plunged in war.

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The IPL at present is the lifeline for Indian cricket and cricketers. Unsplash

The situation in India at present is grave and worrying. The second wave of the dreaded Covid-19 virus has hit the country like a bolt from the blue. It is spreading all across India like a ‘Tsunami’ and is affecting every segment of the population.

The pertinent question that has arisen is whether the Indian Premier League (IPL) should continue or not.

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Invaders from the 8th to 11th centuries introduced more Old Norse borrowings to the mix. Pixabay


After many revolutions and invasions, today many languages are being spoken across the world as the medium of communication. Out of these languages, English is one of the finest languages that stand in common for people to communicate. In the grand scheme of things, the English language has only been around for a little over 1,500 years, which is a blip in the history of human language and an even smaller blip in the history of humanity.

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