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In an era where business transactions across borders seem like a piece of cake, global marketing is essential for your business strategy. Effective international marketing can change the future of your business overnight. One can now export products overseas from the comfort of their home without any hassle.

To grow your business on an international platform, you need a complete proof plan that resonates with all suitable markets. At the same, it should give you exponential revenue growth. It seems like a mountain of work. Well, in reality, it is not. This article here provides you all the information you need about an efficient export plan that will get your business sky-rocketed.

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The global trade body said prospects for a quick recovery in world trade. Unsplash

The World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Wednesday that global trade is primed for a strong but uneven recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic shock, forecasting an increase in the volume of world merchandise trade of 8 percent this year.

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India USA strengthens bi-lateral relations. IANS

Don Heflin, Charge d’Affaires of the United States in India, said on Tuesday the U.S. industry is actively exploring ways to work with Indian partners to bring advanced technologies and manufacturing capabilities to the country and to engage with local partners on co-development and co-production.

Addressing a press conference here, Heflin said that the growing number of joint ventures and partnerships between U.S. and Indian defence companies continues to strengthen the robust network of defence suppliers in India with the potential of equipping partners in the broader Indo-Pacific region.

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The MENA region has traditionally been governed by the fact that the region has been a critical source of energy. Unsplash

India is positioning itself as an economic partner by investments in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, said a senior official of Export-Import Bank of India (India Exim Bank) on Friday.

In his address at the India-Morocco Business Forum, the bank’s Deputy Managing Director Harsha Bangari said that India’s trade with the MENA region has traditionally been governed by the fact that the region has been a critical source of energy.

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