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Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

Statement florals will be everywhere in 2021.

Wedding decor can be fun if you love to design. Interior designers are often involved in wedding themes these days and Aatika Manzar, Founder Director at Aatika Manzar Designs share some simple ideas to help them plan a beautiful wedding:

Start with a theme wedding

All the designs get aligned in accordance with the theme you choose. Once you have a theme, everything can be worked according to that. A vintage/opulent theme is the most common in India because it comes with a traditional touch. The glamorous theme is popular too with shiny crystals, beautiful lights, and flowers. The colour scheme which usually is rich purple accompanied by a neutral beige carpet. It feels like the wedding took place in a castle amidst huge chandeliers, deep maroon furniture with gold polish, and lots of candles.

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Photo by Yohann Libot on Unsplash

The groom traditionally adorns the bride's finger with a ring as a token of love

During the days of slave trade in the ancient Roman Empire, it was a common practice to place a ring on the slave's finger as a sign of possession. Sometimes, they were even made to wear a ring on the septum of their nose. The slave ring was traditionally made of iron, with a ring attached to it on top.

Over the years, the idea of possession grew into a symbolism that needed expression. Men began to mark everything that belonged to them with a symbol allocated to their family name. they wore a signet ring which bore this mark, and every object in the household, from the cattle, to the vase, was marked. The Romans looked upon their wives as property too, and made them wear rings as a sign of being taken. To differentiate between the slaves and the mistress of the house, different metals were used. The slaves wore iron rings, and the master's wife, wore a golden band. Back then, the rings also symbolized social status.

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Today, most people think that ceramic is fragile

By- Mandy

It's 2021, and many things have changed! Today, people are opting in for more unique ways to express themselves. And that is the reason they are opting in for wedding bands in non-conventional materials and metals. One material which is becoming popular is ceramic.

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Mother of the bride.

By John Miller

Mothers of the bride have always held great importance in the wedding. She is always by the side of the bride, and undoubtedly, guests notice how the bride’s mother looks. Apart from the bridal dresses, mother of the bride dresses is also given huge importance in fashion stores. You will be able to find the latest trends and unfamiliar styles of dresses for mothers. Being a vital part of the wedding, mothers should be concerned about their look too. We have seen many mothers of the bride dresses in 2021 that have been inspired by the popular Hollywood celebrity styles.

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