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Yahoo mail to stop auto forwarding of mails. Pixabay

Yahoo Mail will discontinue automatic email forwarding for free users from January 1 next year, in order to reduce hacking attempts.
Verizon, which bought Yahoo in 2017, announced the move in an update and the existing users will need to get a Pro account, which costs $34.99 per year, or $3.49 a month.

“Beginning January 1, 2021, automatic forwarding of emails from your Yahoo inbox to a third-party email account will no longer be a feature of free Yahoo Mail accounts,” the company informed.

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Due to steady decline in usage, Yahoo groups have decided to shut down by December. Flickr

Facing a steady decline in usage over the last several years, Yahoo has made the decision to shut down Yahoo Groups from December 15.

Verizon, which bought Yahoo in 2017, announced the decision on Tuesday which marks the end of the road for one of the largest message board systems on the Web of its time.

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Once Yahoo deletes the data from Yahoo Groups, a significant chunk of Internet history will be gone. Pixabay

Yahoo has extended its deadline for another couple of weeks to give its users, who had posted content on Yahoo Groups, more time to download their data.

Yahoo Groups is one of the world’s biggest collections of online discussion boards.

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A man walks past a Google sign outside with a span of the Bay Bridge at rear in San Francisco, May 1, 2019. VOA

More than 300 Donald Trump ads have been pulled by Google and its video-sharing platform YouTube for violating the companies’ policies. The campaign videos, notably, ran over the summer.

This comes at a time when handling political advertisements on social media has become a growing concern as the 2020 US presidential election approaches and tech giants are under fire over political ads.

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