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Running a eCommerce business demands a unique marketing strategy. Pixabay

By Jasen

Running an eCommerce business is not an easy task to perform. It takes time and effort to learn things and then apply them. It demands a unique marketing strategy that enables you to reach an audience instantly in any corner of the world.

Moreover, even if you have some solid marketing strategies like WordPress Push Notifications, SMS, etc by your side, there is still no guarantee of success until you use them wisely.

Most of all, you are required to minimize mistakes. In other words, you are required to do more things right than wrong.

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You might be wondering what are the mistakes that I need to avoid while running an eCommerce business?

Well, here are some.

  • Starting without Research: When it comes to running an eCommerce business successfully, there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is market research. You must know the demand of your audience. You must know what they are looking for.

Don’t start business without research. Pixabay

If you fail to understand the market demand, it doesn’t matter what quality and service you are offering, you will have to struggle a lot in attracting the audience.

  • Selecting the wrong eCommerce Platform: When it comes to beating the competition, the eCommerce platform matters a lot. If you have chosen an eCommerce store that is not aligned with your or your customer requirements, you have to face difficulties in running your business smoothly.

It doesn’t matter if you are not able to find the platform that fulfills all of your needs. You can go with the one that fulfills maximum needs or you can go with a custom platform that specifically caters to your needs.

  • Sending too many Push Notifications: If you are an eCommerce business owner looking forward to expanding your business by increasing sales, you must take into account the frequency and timing of push notifications.

Although WooCommerce Push Notifications are one of the best marketing strategies when it comes to eCommerce, they will not provide you with desired results until you use them strategically.

You are required to put a limit on the frequency of push notifications. Pixabay

This is where most of your efforts fail. You are required to put a limit on the frequency of push notifications. If you are sending too many push notifications in a single day, you are not doing any good. This will frustrate your audience.

The next thing is timing. If you are sending push notifications during busy hours, you are making a mistake. The thing is, the audience remains consumed in their daily tasks. So, if you are sending push notifications during those hours the chances of viewing notifications will be less. You are required to send push notifications during idle hours.

  • Unattractive Website Design and Navigation: When it comes to eCommerce, user experience plays a great role in sales. If the design of your website is not up to the mark, it will not only impact the functionality but will also irritate users.

On the other hand, if the navigation is not smooth enough, the users will find it difficult to shop and will leave your platform to find a better option.

  • Complicated Checkouts: When it comes to checkouts, you must provide all details in advance. You must avoid last-minute surprises. This is where most eCommerce owners make a mistake. They hide shipping costs and other taxes and reveal them at final checkouts. This irritates the customers.

Moreover, providing fewer payment options also makes the customer abandon the cart.

Be clear with payments and return policies. Pixabay

  • Aggressive Return Policies: You must understand that the audience hasn’t seen your products physically. So the chances are high that they will not be satisfied by the quality or color. In another case, the size of the product can be a bit bigger or smaller.

In this case, if you are having hard return policies and the customers have to put a lot of effort into returning the product, the chances are high you will not see them again. You must be transparent with the return policies.

  • Low-quality Product Photos and Descriptions: There are several situations when the customers are not able to get a quality picture of the product to make their decision. In another case the product description is poor.

Thus it does not provide adequate information. In this case, the customer leaves the product due to confusion. This is why you must add quality pictures and descriptions to help customers to make decisions regarding a purchase.

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When it comes to running an eCommerce business you must understand the market needs and then proceed further. You are also required to provide a rich user experience. Most of all you are required to do more things right than wrong. Now what those mistakes that you are required to avoid are being presented to you.

Author Bio:

Wonderpush, brings you WordPress-WooCommerce push notifications. You can use them to target a potential audience and increase sales without putting in any hard effort.

(Disclaimer: The article is sponsored and hence promotes some commercial links.)



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