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October 21, 2016: Oleg Galtsev, a graduate from the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus, is launching the first bionics startup in Belarus. The programmer has created a “smart” prosthetic arm that costs almost 10 times less than an alternative product from Germany.

Oleg was four years old when his father Sergei, a former soviet army captain, lost his arm in an explosion on a military firing range. Almost 30 years later, Sergei, now 53, is using a prosthetic arm designed by his son and a fellow engineer in the basement of their home. They gave him the prosthetic arm to test for three weeks. He used it to cut the grass and do many other things in the field.

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The mechanical arm looks nothing like the sophisticated prosthetic arm, but it is affordable, easy to assemble and does not require much maintenance. It does not have sense of controls. It is like Lego designed for people who are not at ease with electronics. They just take cheap models and put them together themselves. Oleg says it took them 2 years to design the prosthetic arm. They used a 3-D printer to create some parts and bought other online.

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According to the inventor, the turning movement makes the fingers open and close. The angles can be adjusted and programmed. Oleg and his partner did not patent the device and they have published do-it-yourself instructions online. They say it is 10 times cheaper than the other mechanical prosthesis. Sergei says he can now perform many outdoor tasks such as sawing with the chainsaw which he could not do before.

He said, “I am proud that my son decided to tackle this problem. There are many people who really need this device in their daily life”. Videos of the test have sparked worldwide interest on YouTube says the young inventor who aims to spark a do-it-yourself revolution in prosthetics.

Now, he is planning to make the arm available around the globe and working on it to refine the structure so that a person of any age group can use them.

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Initially, the firm announced a feature called Audio Recording in Latin America as a way to make people using Uber there feel more safe.

Ride-hailing major Uber has introduced a new in-app safety feature that will allow drivers as well as riders to record audio during trips.

Initially, the firm announced a feature called Audio Recording in Latin America as a way to make people using Uber there feel more safe. The feature is now available in more than a dozen countries throughout Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico.

"To help protect privacy, the audio file is encrypted and stored on the rider and driver's devices and by default no one can listen to the audio, including Uber. If either user submits a safety report to Uber, they can attach the audio file to their report," the company said in a statement.

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Once riders and drivers enable this feature, they can choose to record audio by tapping the shield icon on the map screen and selecting "Record Audio".

Riders and drivers can choose to record individual trips, and drivers will also have the option to leave the feature on while they are online.

Throughout Latin America this feature has been a popular way to promote safe, comfortable interactions while on a trip. For instance, nearly 70 per cent of riders and drivers surveyed in Rio de Janeiro told the brand this feature helped them feel safer when using Uber.

In addition, the company has expanded the capabilities of our RideCheck technology to detect when a trip takes an unexpected route or when a trip ends unexpectedly before the rider's final destination.

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The Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) be repealed in Nagaland

Special Powers For The Armed Forces Act Of 1958 is an act to allow personnel of the armed forces in the states of *[Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura] to be granted certain special powers in troubled regions.

In protest, Nagaland has decided to put the Hornbill Festival on hold. Furthermore, the SIT investigating the event has been given a month to finish its inquiry.

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Lee, the de facto leader of the country's biggest conglomerate, Samsung Group, has hinted at making a sizable change to the company to "create a better Samsung."

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday replaced all three CEOs in a surprise move that, the company said, was intended to enhance competitiveness and promote future growth.

Han Jong-hee was promoted to vice chairman and CEO and will be in charge of the newly created SET division, which merged the consumer electronics and IT and mobile communications divisions, previously led by Kim Hyun-suk and Koh Dong-jin, respectively.

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