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No land for Immigrants: Reforms in progress to curb Border Crossing

The figures released by the office for National Statistics puts the net migration to the UK at 330,000 in the year ending March 2015 and the size of the foreign-born population at 8,277,000.

  • The June 23 referendum by which voters approved Britain exiting the European Union was fueled by escalating costs of entitlements for unauthorized migrants
  • Political leaders are deadlocked how to handle rescued migrants
  • The cost of removing a resident migrant in the United Kingdom has been estimated at £25,000

A survey from Gallup of several years ago reported that about one out of six world’s adults, close to 900 million globally today, would immigrate to developed countries if they had the chance. And 80% of those in the less developed countries who would like to immigrate said they would prefer moving to a more developed country. The United States is the top desired destination with 24% desirability rate followed by Canada, the United Kingdom, and France, with 6% desirability each.

Now that the British people have voted to leave EU, it is hoped that shutting the door would reduce migration. The figures released by the Office for National Statistics puts the net migration to the UK at 330,000 in the year ending March 2015 and the size of the foreign-born population at 8,277,000. A 2007 report by the London School of Economics puts the illegal immigrant population at 670,000 in 2007.

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But the governments are in a predicament. The deportation of unauthorized migrants doesn’t come cheap. The cost of identifying, detaining and repatriating large numbers in a legal and humane way are enormous, says the report. The cost of removing a resident migrant in the United Kingdom has been estimated at £25,000.The June 23 referendum by which voters approved Britain exiting the European Union was fueled by escalating costs of entitlements for unauthorized migrants.

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In the United States, the legal procedure lets the unauthorized migrants apprehended at the US/Mexico border to be released and allowed to remain while awaiting immigration hearings. But the cost of simply detaining an unauthorized migrant is also about $100 per day.

Political leaders are puzzled at how to handle rescued migrants. Some people advocate open borders granting people the right to cross borders freely. They argue that it would reduce world poverty and eliminate illegal immigration, human smuggling, risky crossings and deaths of migrants.

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But some are against it and wish to stop unlawful entry by reinforcing border controls with walls, barriers and armed guards and immediate deportations for any who might have entered illegally. They maintain that illegal migration threatens national sovereignty and security, adds the report.

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Government’s effort to discourage likely migrants from attempting illegal border crossings have met with limited success. A new approach to deter the inflow of unauthorized migrants is the EU-Turkey agreement which is viewed by some as bribes, extortion and as a clear violation of international law.

The proposed deal promises Turkey approximately $6.6 billion and visa-free travel in exchange for restricting migrants from reaching Europe through Turkish borders, says the report. EU countries are also funding other less developed countries, such as Libya, Sudan and Eritrea, to deter illegal migration. Additional countries, including Ethiopia, Kenya, Niger and Uganda, also seek funds to deal with illegal immigration.

The illegal migration case is also a major debate in the upcoming US presidential elections. Donald Trump, the Republican Party nominee has vowed, if elected, to order removal of unauthorized migrants by  building a wall along the Mexican/American border and strengthen enforcement to end unlawful entry into the United States and residence. But Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee wants to push for a comprehensive reform that is founded on an amnesty and a path to citizenship for most undocumented immigrants.

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  1. This immigration can create lots of problems. this would really affect the socio, economic and political condition of UK.

  2. Everyone wants to live the American dream. So many youngsters are eager to go abroad and make a living, hoping that they would become successful and rich. It is only natural that the resident population wants all the opportunities for themselves. With Britain’s population making a clear stand, I believe that all the developed countries would make a move in time.

  3. Immigrants face a difficulty in almost every country. Israelis in Pakistan are accounted as terrorists where as it is nothing like that


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Migrants line up as they wait to be evacuated from a makeshift street camp, in Paris, France Friday, July 7, 2017. Paris authorities are evacuating some 1,500 migrants from a makeshift street camp as Europe faces an upsurge in new arrivals. (AP Photo/Thibault Camus) (VOA)

Geneva, September 14, 2017 : U.N. experts says thousands of migrants are at high risk of enforced disappearance. A special report by the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances accuses states and the international community at large of turning a blind eye to the crime, which generally goes unreported and unpunished.

The report, presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva, finds a direct link between enforced disappearances and migration. In some cases, it says, individuals may migrate because they may be at risk of enforced disappearance from their own governments or they could be abducted during their journey for political or other reasons.

It explains enforced disappearances can occur when a migrant is in detention or going through a deportation process. It can be a consequence of smuggling or trafficking.

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While the phenomenon is widespread, the vice chairman of the Working Group on Enforced Disappearance, Bernard Duhaime, told VOA it is not possible to document its scale and scope. That is because the practice is hidden and takes place in secret.

He adds it occurs in almost all parts of the world. For example, he notes cases of enforced disappearances in Libya and among refugees fleeing Syria.

“There are similar instances in South Asia, as well, in particular with the phenomenon of the migration of the Rohingyas. There are also examples documented … migrants crossing through Central America and through Mexico, as well who disappear.… The report refers to networks of traffickers and smugglers in Sudan, Eritrea – in that region, as well,” Duhaime said.

Experts warn the increasingly dangerous routes migrants follow expose them to greater risk of becoming victims of human rights violations, including enforced disappearances.

The report calls on governments to gather all information about people who disappear in or while transiting their countries and to do what they can to locate missing migrants. (VOA)