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10 must know facts about Anand Mahindra

Anand Mahindra's net worth is $1.22 billion

The Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra. Wikimedia commons
The Chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra. Wikimedia commons

Anand Mahindra is the Chairman and Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, which is considered one of the most respected Indian industrial houses. Mahindra & Mahindra is a market leader in many business verticals such as utility vehicles, tractors, aftermarket and finance.

It was in 1981 that he joined MUSCO as an Executive Assistant to the Finance Director. He was the one who initiated Mahindra Group’s entry into new business areas of real estate development and Hospitality Management.

Here are 10 must-know facts about Anand Mahindra:

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Mr Mahindra with South Korea's President Park Geun-hye. Wikimedia commons
Mr Mahindra with South Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye. Wikimedia Commons

1. Anand Mahindra donated $10 million to Harvard Humanities centre

It is being relaunched as the Mahindra Humanities Center. Mr Mahindta is also the co-founder of Harvard Business School Association of India.

2. He lives with his life and two daughters

Mr Mahindra enjoys tennis, cinema and reading. Living in Mumbai, his wife is the founder and editor of Verve. His two daughters are Aalika and Divya.

3. He was the man behind Nanhi Kali program

Anand Mahindra started this program which provides free education to girls from the economically underprivileged families. Over 70,000 girls are studying under this program.

4. He is quite active on Social Media

His twitter handle @anandmahindra has been ranked third in the Top 30 CEOs on Social Media.

5. He was the President of ARAI

Automotive Research Association of India is an organization that plays a crucial role in assuring efficient vehicles.

World Economic Forum 2013. Wikimedia commons
World Economic Forum 2013. Wikimedia Commons

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6. Mr Mahindra earns $1.22 Billion

He was included in Fortune Magazine’s list of The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders and was also named as one of the top 25 most powerful business people in Asia.

7. He is familiar with the Tamil language

Anand Mahindra studied in Lawrence School, Lovedale in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

8. Anand Mahindra is the third generation in Mahindra family

The business was started by K.C. Mahindra, J.C. Mahindra, and Ghulam Muhammad to trade steel.

9. He has studied film-making and architecture

Mr Mahindta graduated with an Honors degree from Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1977. Thereafter, he did his masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Harvard Business School.

10. He is ranked #99 on Forbes List of Richest Indians

In its 2015 edition, the Forbes list ranked him 99th. It is an annual assessment of wealth and assets gathered and published by the magazine.

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Mahindra gets the deal to produce M777 for Indian army


An Indian firm (Mahindra) and BAE (a major British arms manufacturer) have agreed to jointly produce 145 M777 howitzers for the Indian Army. It was only in mid-2015 that India and BAE finally settled all their contract differences and confirmed the M777 sale. One of the conditions was BAE finding an Indian firm to assemble the howitzers in India. The Mahindra M777 facility will begin production in late 2018.

India first approached BAE about buying the M777 in early 2010. Selling weapons to India is a very complicated process, made more complex since 2006 because of an escalating Indian crackdown in corruption in weapons procurement. Thus Indian procurement bureaucrats became even more troublesome and obstinate than usual. 

The M777 deal was almost completed in 2013 but more problems kept showing up. All those have been worked out. This sale went through the BAE American subsidiary, which because of its size, ownership and track record basically operates as an American defense firm.

With this purchase, India is joining the United States, Canada and Australia in using the M777 towed 155mm howitzer. India is buying the lightweight (3.4 ton) M777 howitzers for about $5 million each. India is particularly attracted by the fact that the M777 can be moved slung under a helicopter, and thus quickly moved to inaccessible areas near the Pakistani and Chinese borders.

The M777 is a British design and, at four tons (for the standard version), is the lightest 155mm towed howitzer ever fielded. M777 fire control is handled by the computerized system that allows faster response time and more accurate shooting. The M777 can use all current 155mm ammunition, including the Swedish/American Excalibur GPS guided shell. The guided round cuts ammo use enormously.

India already uses a similar Russian guided shell called Krasnopol. The helicopter is the preferred method of moving the M777 across rough terrain. An M777 on a mountain top, with a few dozen Excalibur or Krasnopol rounds, provides precision fire support for troops within a 30-40 kilometer radius. Indian land borders are largely mountainous and difficult to reach by land routes, especially for artillery that could not be flown in. The M-777 changes that.

The M777 is also the first new artillery for the Indian Army since the late 1980s. Currently, most Indian artillery is either obsolete or soon to be. All these guns are also quite worn and less reliable as a result. Decades of pleas to parliament to speed up the acquisition of new weapons. Until 2010 nothing much happened, but since then public pressure and the rapidly deteriorating (and publicized) state of Indian artillery led to some action.

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