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PMP certification is organized by Project Management Institute. Pixabay

By EyeT

The increasing demand for PMP professionals around the globe has motivated lots of skilled people for PMP certification. It has become a standard for highly trained and skillful professionals. PMP exams are tougher than the expectations so it requires extensive and practical preparation.

It does not base on any single book or a set of books. Instead, it includes topics that can be prepared from any source but the focus must be on deeper knowledge and practical experience. However, a candidate should know the sources from where the best exam material can be found.

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It is never wise to start a journey whose path and risks are unknown to you. On the way to become a Project Management Professional, you must know your individuality and a suitable toolkit for it. Consider all the aspects including your budget and opportunities and design your study plan. Following are a few of the unlimited resources for PMP preparation.

PMBOK Guide From PMI

PMP certification is organized by Project Management Institute (PMI), so it provides fundamental material for its exam preparation. Every other material available for the PMP exam is designed on its basis. Every candidate has to study it as it is offered by PMI and includes all the topics suggested for its exams. A free PDF copy of PMBOK is given to registered members. The only hurdle you can face is its highly formal and complicated way of description.

Exam Prep Books

Most people found these books helpful for preparation for the PMP exam because of the easy and handy language. Topics included in PMBOK are explained in a way that is easy to understand. For getting good scores in exams main concepts should be deeply understood and these books serve this purpose very well.

A free PDF copy of PMBOK is given to registered members. Pixabay

Assessment Courses

Many institutes and online platforms offer training courses and candidates can attend them online or in a physical classroom as well. For exam eligibility, 35 hours of attending a training course are required. So, you can choose a course suitable for your situation. A variety, of course, is available and you can select the best one for you. Some assessment courses include PMP practice exam where you can test your preparation.

PMP Podcasts

PMP podcasts are a very good element in PMP exam preparation. These are available in audio and video format and you can listen and view them wherever you have time. Few of these are assumed as a part of distance learning of PMI. The F category of PMI describes them as these offer 35 contact hours as well if these are completed thoroughly.

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PMP Apps

The popularity of the Internet has brought huge changes in our lives. Many new and technical things have made their way into our daily routine. Mobile applications are one of them and getting popular day by day. A variety of games is available which are created with a target of easy learning. These apps teach concepts of ITTO, mnemonics, and other important and technical concepts. These apps can be searched on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

PMP Formulae

It is a collection of important formulae which can be used in PMP exams. Mastering the study guides for PMP formulae is a good tool and helps in revising important concepts in a short time. The reason behind this is that each formula is deducted from some theory topic.

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The researchers exposed saliva samples from Covid-19 patients to the ACE2 gum and found that levels of viral RNA fell so dramatically to be almost undetectable, indicates the study published in the journal Molecular Therapy.

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