Power Demand Can Be Enhanced Through Energy-Efficient Appliances

Power Demand Can Be Enhanced Through Energy-Efficient Appliances

Power demand can be enhanced through energy-efficient appliances, according to a report by Smart Power India (SPI), a subsidiary of The Rockefeller Foundation.

The survey titled 'Demand Generation Manual for Solar Mini-grid' noted that meeting the needs of energy-efficient appliances contributes up to 40 to 45 percent of the total demand for electricity of the mini-grid. The introduction of energy-efficient appliances (EEAs) creates numerous additional benefits for both the consumers as well as the ESCOs.

The mini-grid sector has played a critical role in providing access to reliable electricity in rural India. Reliability of electricity not only enhances the lighting and productive uses but only spurs micro-enterprise activities in the villages, said the report.

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The energy service companies (ESCOs) running mini-grids need to focus on meeting rural India's existing power demand along with building additional demand for power by supporting the development of local micro-enterprises to ensure financial viability and economic growth, it added.

It is time to shift attention to the next electrification challenge. Pixabay

Jaideep Mukherji, CEO, Smart Power India said: "India has made phenomenal strides in achieving universal electrification. It is indeed a welcome development that due to the government's persistent efforts, all villages in India have been electrified and today, almost 100 percent of households have received electricity connections."

He noted as the government has achieved this feat, it is time to shift attention to the next electrification challenge of providing reliable electricity supply not just for lighting purposes but also for productive use.

As per the report, targeting a high demand area is critical for generating adequate demand. A robust site selection framework should be able to estimate the potential demand of the village as well as provide inputs to the demand generation strategy.

"The critical factor for the success of any solar mini-grid is its reliability in meeting consumer demand cost-effectively. At the core of the framework is the generation of electricity demand to ensure that the mini-grid is sustainable, scalable, and attractive for an ESCO," it said. (IANS)

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