Passion For Music And Perseverance Drove Meet Brothers Career A Long Way

Passion For Music And Perseverance Drove Meet Brothers Career A Long Way

Music director duo Manmeet Singh and Harmeet Singh, popularly known as Meet Brothers, say that they always loved singing, and what drove them a long way into their careers was their passion for music and perseverance.

The makers of popular songs like 'Baby Doll' and 'Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan' are judging season 3 of Smule Mirchi Cover Star. The season aims at identifying and giving a platform to each one irrespective of the place or situation they are in at any point and allows contestants to participate from the comfort of their home through the Smule app.

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According to the organizers, the contest's idea is to break the geographical barriers and connect aspiring musicians to the world of Bollywood music, where there is a perpetual demand for fresh voices. The show features some of the prominent names from the music industry such as Meet Brothers, Kanika Kapoor, Harshdeep Kaur, and Neeti Mohan who will wear the judges' hats for this season to discover new singing sensations.

Excited about producing and composing a song for a fresh new voice, Meet Bros said, "Smule Mirchi Cover Star is an amazing platform for those who love singing, just the way we do. We are sure in 2021, India is going to get a new voice that will move mountains. This is our association with them for the third time and we are looking forward to seeing and hearing the talent that comes from the whole of India. We are excited to not only be a part of the contest as judges but also as mentors to the winner and our performance at the Mirchi Music Awards. This platform also encourages us to create more and more music for our listeners."

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Excerpts from an IANSlife chat with Meet Brothers:

Q: How did you discover your own voice? How was it like initially?

A: We always loved singing. What drove us a long way was our passion for music and perseverance. It's very important to keep practicing and being patient. Also grabbing the right opportunity is a must.

Q: You're judging the Smule Mirchi Cover Star Season 3; What are your expectations from fresh talent? Apart from the virtues of good singing, what other qualities go into the making of a successful singer?

A: Like every year, we are expecting some really great and fresh voices from across the country. Music is very subjective and picking up just one voice is very difficult. Along with singing, what also matters is your persona, how are you when you are off the stage, how are you carrying yourself, your personality when you are singing is what matters a lot.

Q: Compared to a few years back, do you think it's now easier for hidden talent to come up to the surface and get noticed?

A: With platforms like Smule Mirchi Cover Star, definitely yes! The resources, the ease of participation, the opportunities that follow, it's something that we never had when we started our music career. For today's generation, this platform is a boon.

Q: What was the concept behind it? Can you give us some insights into the selection criteria?

A: To create a healthy space for fresh voices. We are here to find out India's next singing sensation, a voice that connects with us. The first one is quality of voice, then the personality of the singer, choice of song, and an overall vibe that the contestant gives. (IANS)

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