How CBD Oil Brands Can Advertise On Social Media

How CBD Oil Brands Can Advertise On Social Media

By Lucas Ryan

Advertisements have become a regular part of life over the last 50 years, so much so that it would be difficult to go a full day without seeing at least one advert somewhere.

However, despite the sheer quantity of ads being shown about all kinds of other products, CBD is still somehow missing from many advertisements.

A big part of this is to do with legality, but there is one particular area of the advertising world where CBD brands can market: social media.

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But how can CBD oil brands successfully advertise on social media platforms when they can't market elsewhere?

Why CBD Oil Brands Generally Cannot Advertise Normally

Advertising may be pretty annoying, but it can actually be really useful for consumers. Consumers can use adverts to be made aware of different brands and new innovations, leading to better purchasing decisions.

With CBD, though, this is not the case; other than Googling people's opinions and searching for a detailed Just CBD review, there are very few ways to learn about upcoming CBD brands.

The primary reason for this is CBD's association with cannabis. Governments all over the world discourage advertising potentially harmful substances to younger or more vulnerable people. Despite CBD's well-established safety when it comes to side effects, CBD is sadly grouped with recreational items too often.

CBD oil. Pixabay

This is why it is uncommon to see CBD advertisements in conventional advertising mediums, like TV or in newspapers. Despite the fact that it's legal, CBD gets a bad reputation because of the lack of understanding regarding its safety.

There is also the legitimate question of the still-nascent study of CBD and its full effects on the human body. Despite how much we already know, there is still so much left to learn.

However, there is a pretty easy way for CBD brands to get around advertising restrictions.

Using Social Media & Influencers to Market CBD

While conventional advertising mediums are heavily regulated, the world of the internet and the newfound advertising possibilities of influencers is still relatively untouched.

Influencers and internet advertisements, in general, are much harder to control, define and regulate, primarily because it is straightforward for things to be advertised without consumers realizing it.

How it works is pretty devious and very effective. An influencer, such as an Instagram star or another big personality on the internet, is paid money to promote a brand's products.

Advertisement on social media platforms. Pixabay

This could be having the influencer use the brand's products or just mention them in passing so as to increase consumer exposure to the brand in general.

This works well, but it means that influencers are dependent on the goodwill and positive attention of their viewers. Consumers will get a positive image of the product being advertised because they will associate it with their favorite influencer.

It gets a little iffy when the advertisement and sponsorship aren't being wholly disclosed. It used to be the case that influencers and YouTube videos wouldn't need to say if they were advertising a brand or product; they could just do it as part of their regular content.

While regulations have started to appear, with social media websites beginning to wise up and require an open disclosure of sponsorships, there are still plenty of opportunities for brands to utilize this new advertising landscape.

Do We Need to Be Worried About CBD Oil Brands Advertising on Social Media?

The primary reason for this is CBD's association with cannabis. Pixabay

It may sound pretty scary that CBD oil brands might suddenly start appearing as advertisements on influencers' pages. However, it has already been happening for years; most people simply haven't noticed it yet.

This is no reason to worry, though; in precisely the same way that CBD's gradual acceptance and wide use has required a bit of a waiting period for local governments to catch up, so too will advertising regulations be the same.

While it is still pretty easy for CBD oil brands to get their products seen by consumers through advertisements and sponsorships, there are going to be gradually more and more regulations imposed on CBD oil brands over time.

Though it might seem like it is taking a long while, social media advertisements will end up being just as well regulated as other conventional forms of advertising.

So look forward to seeing more CBD oil brand advertisements online on social media, but expect to find them is a lot more open about their status as an advertisement.

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