What do you know about the Lithium Battery for electric vehicle?

Lithium Batteries
Lithium Batteries

By- Kritika

Do you have an electric vehicle that runs on lead batteries? Increase their autonomy and reduce their weight drastically by replacing them with lithium-ion batteries. The best batteries for electric mobility in the world. It does not matter if you have an electric scooter, electric bike, or an electric car. With our selection of lithium batteries, you will improve the performance of your vehicle -more kilometers between recharges- and you can increase its useful life by up to 150%.

The batteries for electric vehicles are manufactured with rechargeable lithium batteries; the most used technology due to its excellent technical characteristics compared to other types of rechargeable batteries on the market such as GEL or AGM batteries.

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The cells Li-ion batteries have a longer life than others of the market and a very efficient load capacity. In addition, they do not require maintenance and do not release CO2 emissions, so they can be installed inside your electric vehicle and can be charged from any socket in your home.

What Are the Different Voltages you can have for the Different Electric Batteries?

  • 12V lithium batteries: 12V batteries are included in low power electric vehicles that normally reach very low speeds. They are more products for minors and with a very small voltage. These batteries usually have small batteries with small autonomies.
  • 24V lithium batteries: Batteries that work at 24V are included in electric vehicles for an adolescent or adult audience, reaching low average speeds because they do not usually have very powerful motors.
  • 36V lithium batteries: Battery for electric vehicle that operate at 36V are totally intended for an adult audience since they have more powerful motors, such as electric scooters or electric bicycle kits.
  • 48V lithium batteries: 48V batteries are intended for electric scooters with an electric power greater than 500W, being able to reach speeds of up to 45 km / h and being used in high quality products.
The phenomenon of charge memory is one in which the charge capacity of batteries is reduced when they have been incompletely charged. If during the life of the battery you have charged it without discharging it completely, or you have not charged it 100%, all this memory causes the battery life to be greatly reduced.

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This can be avoided by fully discharging the battery for electric vehicle and then fully charging it. Or opt for a lithium battery, which avoids this big problem.

So it is quite simple to know how to charge a lithium battery, you just have to connect it to the available charger. Although it is true that it does not have a load memory, we always recommend that it reach 100%, with this we will better enjoy the experience.

Characteristics and Specifications of Lithium Battery Cells

Lithium batteries are among the longest-lasting on the market. They have a very low discharge rate, exceptional depth of discharge and no memory effect. They can be discharged 100% or stored at half charge without the cells suffering. The lithium battery is made of very light elements that allow the manufacture of conventional Li-ion batteries. With an energy density up to 3 times higher than traditional AGM batteries and capable of withstanding higher charge / discharge current speeds.

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